A new offering! This monthly column is written by my daughter Kelly Benson, who is an excellent astrologer.

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This month the Sun is in Pisces; the Full Moon occurs on March 7th; and Saturn, the Great Teacher, once again after 30 years returns to Pisces.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

It's a reflective time of year for you, Aries. We're nearing your birthday season, and you might instinctively be looking back over the last year and contemplating your past actions. It's good to get some quiet time if you can, so you can reflect on the initiates you still want to push forward and what are some of the things that you can let go of now. It's a lovely time to turn over a new leaf! You will soon be stepping into a whole new way of life as you celebrate your birthday later this month, while lucky Jupiter stays in your sign until the end of May. This is a great time for opportunities and good fortune to land in your lap! The Full Moon on March 7th could bring up some old issues that are still getting under your skin. If you're feeling triggered -- take a pause and remember what's really important to you. If you feel offended or annoyed, don't take the bait! It's not worth the ego play, so just step back and consider why you're feeling sparked. (This might be a clue to some of the emotional experiences you're ready to heal, transform and then release.) Over the next three years, Saturn will be in your 12th house, which means it is an important time for rebirth and transformation on a large scale. Personal growth will be a major theme as you get clearer about your deeper self and your unique gifts. This is an excellent time to connect with yourself and consider what makes you tick and what really motivates you. Relationships will undergo a change now as well, because you're drawn to people who share your value systems, as well as people you can really learn from. Allow yourself to be flexible and open-minded.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Get some time with friends to enjoy each other's company and celebrate the good things in life, Taurus. You feel strong and confident, which is why this is a good time to connect with others and build social networks. New friendships are likely. Fresh acquaintances will offer you interesting conversation topics and intellectual pursuits. The Full Moon on March 7th activates the balance between your individuality and sense of self, versus how you identify with the group. Pay attention to how you can integrate the unique parts of yourself in harmony with others. A friend might reach out asking for extra help or support. Your presence and attention will be a benefit to others. Meanwhile, the big news is that Saturn is now moving into your 11th House, ushering in a whole new chapter for the next three years. Your interest in the welfare of others will increase; and you will play an integral part of a team experience. You might also find yourself moved to speak up for those who are marginalized or targeted because your sense of justice and fair play is increased. This can come in the form of politics, environmentalism, social issues and a strong feeling of giving back. Thoughts about your long-term future are on the table as you visualize the life you're crafting and who you're crafting it with. Make a map of the direction you want to take things in because you can clearly see what you want in your life. It's good to be around people who have similar values and speak to your interests. It's a key time to be a team player instead of going it alone. You will learn a lot from others.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

All eyes are on you this month as the Sun moves to the top of your chart, Gemini. Because you have the ear of superiors now, as well as people you admire and look up to, this is a wonderful time to promote something you believe in or champion a cause that's important to you! Not only that, others are impressed with you as well! The Full Moon on March 7th might activate feelings related to power and ego dances with others. Hey, you don't have to get competitive or defensive. If others are with you, it's a testament to your recent accomplishments, so take it as a compliment instead. Nevertheless, watch out for knee-jerk reactions. If you're feeling sensitive, take some time for yourself for a little rest and recuperation. The big news this month is that Saturn now moves to the top of your chart for the first time in 30 years, to stay there for the next three years. This is major! It's an important time for building long-lasting security in your life, especially in your career and those who share your life. You are now building on the long-term foundations that you laid down roughly 15 years ago, and your hard work is paying off now. Your career and public reputation are helping to support you and your family. Be sure to make time for family vacations, rest and relaxation. Nonetheless, you will be busy in a good way as you make great headway building on your successes. Get ready for a rich time of harvest! Your job title or your personal status might alter over the next few years as you mature into a new role. All your past work and effort will now start to pay off. Treat yourself to a victory lap!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

As the Sun activates your 9th House this month, your sense of adventure and exploration is activated, Cancer. You might be drawn to new forms of study, travel, or meeting people from different backgrounds. It's an excellent time to pursue intellectual disciplines and build on your knowledge base because you're eager to have a broader perspective of the world around you. The Full Moon occurring on March 7th might make you feel more charged up than usual. As a sensitive sign ruled by the Moon, you might notice the tension in the atmosphere and the excitement in others. This is a good time to tune into your intuition and let that be your inner guide. If you feel on edge or frustrated, take some time to investigate those feelings and find out where they're coming from. This could be a potentially healing time. Meanwhile, Saturn is starting to move into a new area of your chart, ushering in a three-year period where you will strive to improve yourself and your life direction. It's time to grow mentally, spiritually and professionally. You might expand on your existing line of work, or you may feel moved to explore a new arena altogether. It might be a time when you're ready to make a move because of your job or to be close to someone special. You will feel more confident and eager to spread your wings! You can expect a change of scenery along with a sense of increased curiosity. It's a good time to go out and talk to people who stimulate you and make you think. You'll work hard to investigate and absorb these new forms of knowledge. In fact, many of you might go back to school or really apply yourself to your studies. Approximately three years from now, you can expect a spectacular time of harvest to manifest from the work that you're doing now.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

As the Sun travels through your 8th House, you might find you need time for rest and reflection, Leo. You're giving a lot of thought to the resources that you have and where they intertwine with others. This includes material resources and how much you depend on others and how much others depend on you. The Full Moon occurring on March 7th might bring these issues more to light, especially if there is an imbalance with the give-and-take in your relationships. This can also relate to financial issues, as well as how much you invest emotionally or in practical ways. Have patience with yourself and others, but know that it is time to speak up for your deeper needs in order to restore harmony in your world. The big news is that this month Saturn shifts signs. It will move into your 8th House and will remain there for the next three years. This indicates a potent period of deep personal transformation as you get to know yourself on a deeper level. Basically, it comes down to a question of values, especially how your values equate with the values of others. These values will also relate to spirituality and the bigger questions in life, such as why are we all here and what is this all about? These questions will prompt you to go inward looking for answers. It's a very good time for personal therapy, spiritual practices, meditation and self-care. As a result, your relationship with yourself will transform for the better, and thus, the relationships in your life will also go through a transformation. You may unearth some precious jewels in your connection with others and begin to truly appreciate the people who make up your world. Some relationships in your life will become much closer, as you jointly realize how much you mean to one another. In fact, you might invest time or commit to someone special on a meaningful project or a joint goal.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

The Sun is moving opposite your sign this month, Virgo, which is why you might need a little bit more rest than usual. It's okay to take a break and cut yourself some slack. No doubt you're going through your To-Do lists and making progress, so you deserve a little chill time. The Full Moon on March 7th can create some tension, especially in your closest relationships. It's the only Full Moon in Virgo all year and you might feel some celestial static, so be gentle with yourself. If you feel some emotions bubbling to the surface, take a pause and investigate where they're coming from. You might discover that it's a left-over unmet need from your childhood and this is an opportunity to help meet that need now that you're an adult. Be compassionate for yourself, as well as considerate of others because patience is the key right now. Meanwhile, the big story is that this month Saturn moves into Pisces and sits directly opposite your sign. Zowie! This ushers in a three-year phase of important personal development. You will be redefining yourself more on your own terms now that you have a greater sense of yourself and what you have to offer. There might be some tests in your immediate relationships but as others allow you the room to grow, and you're flexible with them as well -- these relationships can deepen and the bonds will become even closer. However, relationships that are not capable of growing may fall away now, or end, so that you can express your more authentic sense of self. It's also a time for experiencing more recognition on the public stage, especially with regard to your career and work. Over the last few years, you've put in a great deal of work and starting this year, these efforts are going to pay off! A promotion or more recognition on the job front is likely, which will be a boost to your confidence.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Matters related to your day-to-day activities, as well as your health and diet are highlighted as the Sun makes its way through your 6th House, Libra. You might be interested in going over your schedule and fine-tuning certain areas of life so that chores and daily maintenance matters better suit your current set of needs. It's a good time to celebrate your good health and build upon your strengths. Consider how you can improve existing exercise routines and how you nurture yourself with food and nutrition. The Full Moon occurring on March 7th might bring with it a time of spiritual questioning and a greater curiosity about what life has to offer. Be tender with yourself right now. Make time for reflection. A close friend or someone you trust may have some insight or guidance for you now. Also occurring this month is a major change: Saturn will move into your 6th House for the first time in 30 years, to stay for the next three years. You can expect transformation related to your daily output and personal progress. You will experience changes related to your skill sets at work and how you can improve upon them. This might mean that you will get further training, or branch into a new arena of work. It might also mean you're ready to start your own business and take your career in a new direction. The important thing is that you're taking yourself and your abilities more seriously. The talents and skills that you have to offer will not only improve, but will receive fresh opportunities to practice and hone them. In roughly three years from now, you can expect a potent time of a career harvest based on the efforts you're taking now.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

As the Sun activates your 5th House of creativity, you feel more emboldened, brave and adventurous, Scorpio. It's a wonderful time to brush the dust off on old hobbies and breathe fresh life into your creative pursuits. You might also feel more amorous and ready for some love play with your partner. Those who are single might test the waters and put themselves out there. The Full Moon on March 7th brings about a time of increased energy that you can direct into creative pursuits as well as physical exercise. If there are any sticky issues with friends or loved ones, it's possible the Full Moon might trigger a tense conversation. Please know that you are in a position to offer comfort and compassion and a fresh perspective to someone. (Plus. you feel more generous with your energy.) The big news this month is that Saturn is moving into this same house for the next three years, which means you're going to take your natural talents more seriously. This will mean an increase in responsibilities related to your natural gifts. This might manifest by getting further training to enhance your gifts, or perhaps sharing them with the world on a larger scale. Get ready to embrace your authentic self, and take heart in knowing that the world will benefit from what you have to offer. The next three years will be a potent time for growth, so go with the flow and allow yourself to take up more space in this world. It's time to lean into the risks required to be yourself and build on the new you that's emerging! Transformation and healing are in the works. Trust in the process.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

As the Sun moves along the bottom of your chart, your attention turns to home and family matters. You might feel compelled to start spring cleaning and work to get your house in order. You feel the need to turn over a fresh leaf and improve your surroundings. The Full Moon occurring on March 7th will further activate the balance between home and family versus work and career causing you to feel pulled between the competing demands and responsibilities. See if you can carve some time out for yourself to reflect on the steps you need to take. Note: There's a lot more leaning towards personal matters at this time with both the Sun and Saturn activating your house at home and family. This in fact, is the big news this month: for the first time in 30 years, Saturn is moving across the base of your chart ushering in a three-year transit of taking care of yourself and your most important needs. You might feel that you've outgrown a current situation and it's time to change things -- in an effort to be a healthier version of yourself. It's an important time of nurturing yourself and laying down the groundwork for your next big chapter. Commitment will be a theme as well as emotional security. You might relocate or decide to improve upon where you're living with renovations or other home investments. It's also possible that someone might move into your life or someone might move out, as the inner-most dynamics related to home are shifting. Your family might expand now as well, through marriage, birth or adoption. You're giving a lot of thought to where you're living and what you need in order to have a healthy base of operations. The next few years are an excellent time for real estate, whether that's your primary home or a secondary home.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Hey Capricorn! The Sun is moving through your 3rd House bringing you a refreshing change of pace. Connections with community members, friends and coworkers are set to get more stimulating because you're eager to learn more about the people in your life. Keep an open mind and greet the fresh possibilities that await. Your desire to explore and engage with others is strongly activated now. It's a good time for short trips and excursions, or to take a class or a workshop. You're interested in what other people have to say so you can learn something new. The Full Moon on March 7th can bring to light issues that you might have with siblings, neighbours and relatives, also coworkers and acquaintances. If something is irritating you -- that's a clue to investigate what it is. (Think about the first time you had those feelings.) You're ready to let go of some old baggage and get rid of niggling feelings. Get some space to be yourself and express what you're really feeling. Meanwhile, for the first time in 30 years, Saturn the great teacher and your ruler, moves into your third house to stay for the next few years. This will further push your desire to explore the options available to you. You've made great progress in establishing more security for yourself, and now you're ready to push the envelope and challenge yourself to grow as a person -- personally and professionally. Specialized education that will give you practical skills and knowledge will likely manifest over the next three years. This might lead to a shift in your daily milieu as your social needs and emotions change. It's possible you may look into a second home or a residential move as you find opportunities that suit the new lifestyle you're embracing.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

The Sun is now activating your 2nd House of resources, comfort and assets, which makes this a time to celebrate with others and share your good fortune with loved ones. While it's a nice time to enjoy some pleasantries in life, be sure to put aside some savings for a rainy day. The Full Moon on March 7th might trigger some issues in your intimate relationships, so walk tenderly and do your best not to jump to conclusions. Take a moment to investigate where the discomfort is coming from, since it might be connected to past hurts and old wounds. This is an opportunity to let go of emotional baggage and make steps towards healing. Stern Saturn, that powerful teacher, changes signs this month, and for the first time in 30 years, it moves into your 2nd House, which will make you more serious about your financial future. Over the next few years, a major investment is likely, such as the purchase of a home, or renovation, investing in a business or your education. You're creating more value for yourself by investing in your dreams for the future. It's important not to let fearful attitudes related to financial security dictate your decisions. That thinking can hold you back from actualizing your real potential. Have faith in your ability to make effective decisions for yourself, and trust that you are able to provide for yourself and your dependents. You're getting clearer about what you really want as opposed to what are just cultural trends. This applies to emotional and spiritual values as well as material needs and career aspirations. Over these next few years, you will make investments that will make you feel more secure and deepen your ties and bonds with others.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

Happy Birthday Season, Pisces! The Sun is moving through your sign and it's your time of year to shine, so open up to your personal year ahead. You can easily attract opportunities and good experiences into your life now. The Full Moon on March 7th can bring to light some personal issues that need attention. Be tender with yourself and your loved ones as you might be feeling a bit vulnerable. Listen to the messages that come to the surface as your subconscious has something to share. You are going to feel compelled to take action to make significant improvements in your life. As Mars pushes through your 4th House, you might instigate some home improvement changes or adjustments to your living circumstances so that things can work better. But it is up to you to take some initiative and get the ball rolling. This year is particularly significant for you as Saturn moves into your sign this month bringing with it a more serious tone to your aspirations. A very important life chapter is being ushered in for you. Over the next three years, you'll feel pushed to lay down the important groundwork for your life path. Saturn is a powerful teacher, so you can expect to take yourself more seriously now and hone your efforts. Key relationships in your life will get stronger as you become aware of what you really need from the people around you. Concrete beginnings are a theme now as you clarify your ambitions, and sharpen your strategies. You'll take the steps over the next few years to make these aspirations a reality. Intensified commitment to family and partners will be a theme in conjunction with your career. Stability and growth is the major theme.