Many people think they're just their sign. "I'm a Leo." Or "I'm a Taurus." But according to astrology, this is only one part of you.

Your "sign" is where your Sun is. If you say, "I'm an Aquarius", this means you have your Sun in Aquarius. Or another way of putting it is - when you were born the Sun was in Aquarius.

But you also have your Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in different signs. Capice?


Jupiter is a huge planet. It shows where you have your talents! This is the good stuff you were born with. It's the aces up your sleeve. It's where you shine!

Where your Jupiter is (i.e. the sign it was in at the time you were born) is where you do things easily, effortlessly and naturally. Oh yeah!

Where Is My Jupiter?

To find where you have Jupiter, look up the year you were born...

The Meaning of Jupiter in Each Sign

Now that you know where your Jupiter is (if you're not sure, please e-mail me) - read on McDuff!

Jupiter in Aries

You're a blend of the seasoned Sergeant Major and the respected General. (People sit up and pay attention when you enter the room) You're brave and courageous! You're optimistic and philosophical. You like to initiate big projects. People know you're honest and trustworthy. But you need freedom of action. What you want is to learn how to grow and evolve and become a better person! (Sounds good to me.) Your confidence definitely shows.

Jupiter in Taurus

You know how to make money grow! You work hard to secure your own stability in the world. You want to own your own home. In particular, you like to own land. (Smart - they're not making it anymore.) You love money in the bank. You're good at keeping track of your cash and knowing how to handle your investments. Basically, you just keep getting richer the longer you live. (Not bad!) You have good business savvy and you love your creature comforts.

Jupiter in Gemini

You're so clever and bright! (But you're so multitalented you don't know what you want to be when you grow up!) You multitask. You watch TV while doing e-mail on your laptop, all the while talking on the phone, and listening to what what's going on in the kitchen. You like to travel. You read a lot. You like magazines, books, pens, clocks, maps, compasses, barometers, binoculars, world globes, dictionaries and notebooks. You're good with languages. And you're witty.

Jupiter in Cancer

Lucky you! This is the best place to have Jupiter. You can do everything! You cook, you garden, you fix things. In fact, when you feed people, not only did you grow the food you cooked, you probably made the table it's served on! You're mechanical. In a nutshell: you know how to make a home. You've got a great sense of humour. You're a nurturing caregiver. You make the most out of what you have. (People should always accept invitations to dinner at your place.)

Jupiter in Leo

You're a natural leader or executive. You're also proud, regal and noble. You know that all the world's a stage. (Will was right.) Many of you thrive in the entertainment world, show business, the hospitality industry and sports. Plus children love you! You can have them eating out of the palm of your hand. (Wash regularly.) Sure you're dramatic and bigger than life -- that just makes you more interesting to everyone. You love sex.

Jupiter in Virgo

You're smart and practical. If you're driving in a snowstorm, you've got a shovel in the trunk of your car. Probably chains too. And the batteries in your flashlights work. You take care of details so the big stuff flows easily. You're efficient! And you're smart. (This is one of the most intelligent placements of Jupiter.) You take pleasure in creating orderly systems. And you give good hotel. Let's face it -- you deliver the goods.

Jupiter in Libra

Practically everything you have is pretty: your address book, your purse, your wallet, your briefcase, your dishes, your pillows, your furniture and your clothes. (You don't do ugly.) You have a strong sense of justice and fair play. You like to be with others. You enjoy company. You have excellent schmooze skills. You're peace loving, diplomatic and cooperative. No wonder you're popular! (And you are.)

Jupiter in Scorpio

You understand the micro/macro flip. You know that big operations are just little operations with lots of zeros after them. You know it's easier to borrow $100,000 than $10,000. You're kinda extreme with money, but you can definitely swing big deals. You're intrigued by mystery, death, and hidden wisdom. (You have a natural understanding of the process of death.) You also have healing powers. And you're passionate and intense!

Jupiter in Sagittarius

This is an excellent place to have Jupiter because Jupiter rules Sagittarius. You love classical knowledge. You're the philosopher. You adore travel, adventure and taking a chance. People love your upbeat, optimistic style. You're easygoing and good-natured. Truth is important to you. You are future oriented. Not only that - you're lucky! You actually attract success! (My gawd, there's nothing wrong with you.)

Jupiter in Capricorn

You have a sixth sense about organization, structure and the government. You understand how red tape works. You immediately twig to the pecking order of anything. (You catch on fast.) You have the talent to run a multinational corporation. You also know how to dress cool. Because you like to fit in, you're often conservative in your conduct. You could become wealthy. (You'd like that.)

Jupiter in Aquarius

I never met anyone with Jupiter in Aquarius who didn't want to make the world a better place. You guys are union leaders, shop stewards, volunteers for Amnesty International and Greenpeace. You march in Peace Parades. You start petitions. You're fabulous net workers. You can rouse the troops. You're popular and unconventional. You're open to all kinds of ideas. You know people from Atlantis.

Jupiter in Pisces

People like you. You don't even have to be witty, beautiful, or talented -- people just like you! Others know that you're never going to grab an Uzi and do something nuts. You're kind, sympathetic and caring. You have a tender heart. You're also very psychic and tuned in. You are idealistic and capable of deep understanding. You're good at nodding and stroking your chin thoughtfully when others speak. (They think you're wise.)