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You and Your Future

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Peek at your sign inside the book!

  • Over 600 pages of fascinating reading.
  • Descriptions of the twelve signs with anecdotes and humour.
  • 40 years horoscopes (1985-2025) to help you for years ahead.
  • And it's pretty to look at. (Bonus!)

You and Your Future describes the twelve signs and also How to be a Happier Aries, How to be a Happier Taurus, and so on.

And for the first time in published history
Each sign also has a 40-Year Time Line of Horoscopes from 1985-2025.

You and Your Future will help you decide:

  • When to buy and sell real estate.
  • When to make a job change.
  • When a residential move is likely.
  • When relationships are ending.
  • When to plan a big vacation
  • When to invest or renovate/improve your home.

This book will save you money and grief.
If you sleep with it under your pillow
it fights baldness and tooth decay!

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