"The pen is mighter than the sword, and considerably easier to write with."

Marty Feldman
(July 8, 1934 - Dec. 2, 1982)

What Will 2019 Bring?

Last year I predicted "sexual secrets will continue, along with scandals about the media, universities, the church and foreign countries. (Russia springs to mind.)"

This year the big change for 2019 is the shift of Uranus into Taurus. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1935 to 1942.

Uranus challenges rigid structures. It fights power and tyranny on behalf of the everyday person. Uranus is the energy behind unions, Green Peace and Amnesty International. Its rallying cry is "the greatest good for the greatest number!" Uranus represents technology, computers, the sky, aviation, air waves and the radio.

For the last seven years, Uranus was in fiery Aries. an independent "ME" sign. Consider how the "Selfie" society exploded in that time! Aries is also militant, hence the #metoo movement with its overnight groundswell.

But Uranus in Taurus will be very different: Taurus is tangible. It is Earth, the ground, the source of food. It is the sign of domesticated animals; and it rules money, wealth and banks. It is conservative. It values time-tested tradition.

New rules regarding banking will be introduced this year and in the next seven years. Revolutionary ideas will impact food production. There will be increased "sharing" of goods - shared housing, shared cars, shared gardens, shared jobs.

My advice is to protect what you have. Take care of what you own. Be financially prudent. Solidify your finances and get out of debt.

Meanwhile, for the first time in 12 years, lucky Jupiter will dazzle because it is back in its own sign! This will benefit travel, education, publishing, the media and give everyone increased hope! (Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling you have isn't permanent.)

Hello Cancer!

I call Cancer the Big Tit because you are the nurturer and caregiver of the Zodiac. You can nurse a sick child, a wilting house plant, a bland soup, an unruly garden, a stalled motor and even a weak joke because you have such a marvelous sense of humour. You are tenacious! You can't throw anything away. ("I might need this one day.") This is why you stay in the wrong relationships too long. You would never buy bedding full retail. You thrive in restaurants, marinas, gardens, real estate and medicine. The world needs you!

A Backwards Glance

Around 1995-96, you had a chance to improve your job and your health. Soon afterwards, relationships improved (except for the one you had to leave). This was a powerful time and many of you received recognition for your achievements now or in the next few years. Certainly by 1999, people admired you because you looked successful!

By 2001, many of you began to downsize and let go of what was no longer relevant in your life. (Not easy for you.) Fortunately, lucky Jupiter was in your sign in 2002, which brought you good fortune. By 2004, you were headed off on a new path. Around 2005, you improved your home and family scene. That was also good time for real estate.

Romance, vacations and fun times were promising in 2006; however, by 2009, you entered a two-year window where job changes and residential moves made life unpredictable. (You don't like unpredictable.) Fortunately, your reputation was solid at that time. By 2014, lucky Jupiter was back in your sign making life easier and bringing you opportunities.

By 2016, you were busting your buns to show the world what you could do. Because you're a nester, you welcomed the chance in 2017 to improve your home and family relationships. Last year, partnerships and relationships became tense, even though personally, you were positive and ready for vacations and opportunities to party! It happens.

What Will 2019 Be Like?

Money and Career

Good news! This is the best year in over a decade to find be able to improve your job! You might get better duties. You might get better working conditions. You might get a promotion or a raise. You might get a transfer to a better location. Your evil boss might get transferred to Timbuktu. Whatever the situation, you will be happier in your job this year.

However, for some - nothing can improve your blasted job! You need to leave. If this is a case, I guarantee you will get a better job. You will be happier in your new job and glad to be there. It will also offer you a learning curve and possibly, work-related travel that is exciting.

This improvement to your job (one way or the other) will boost your morale and your health because in the year 2019, your health will improve as well! Note: Yes your health will improve this year but guard against gaining weight. Because this is a "growth" year for you, in terms of general happiness and success at your work and your overall sense of well-being, it is possible that "growth" will also attract flesh to the bone. Better known as more pounds on the scale! Aaggh! (Time to let out another pleat in the shower curtain?)

Meanwhile, although you can improve your existing job or get a better job - the deeper theme of this year for you will be that your work will be more fulfilling and enjoyable. It will give you a sense of purpose and structure in your life. You will achieve satisfaction simply by doing your work; and furthermore, doing it to its highest possible standards. Not only with this be gratifying, it will improve your overall morale. (Needless to say, it will also impress others.)

Nevertheless, even though your job and your health will improve this year; at times, you will be discouraged and you will feel low energy because Saturn is sitting opposite your sign. Drat! Your ambitions might be thwarted by circumstances or other people. Nothing can be gained by fighting this. Just go with the flow because if you hang in there and you are patient -- opportunities for success will soon return and you will have new achievements. Trust me.


This might be a challenging year for relationships and close partnerships, including marriage. Essentially, what is happening is this: Since 2001, you have gone through a lot of changes. Initially you gave up a lot and then around 2003, you set off on a new path, whereby you were figuring out who you were, and by 2010, you were trying to figure where you wanted to live and what you could do. This means that in the last two decades you have been reinventing yourself.

Last year, you started to feel a change in your close relationships. You feel that you are now empowered and ready to go forward to pursue new goals, new ideas and entertain new accomplishments - new dreams! However, your partner might not welcome these changes. They like the predictable you, the familiar you. Herein lies the rub. You want to empower yourself to go forward to a new, shiny future (which you will, incidentally); but if your closest friendships and partnerships do not support your dreams, there's gonna be trouble - right here in River City!

You will note in my glib description of Cancer at the beginning of this forecast that you stay in the wrong relationships too long. That part was not glibness. It's a fact. Therefore, at this time some of you are questioning whether you should stay in a marriage or a committed partnership. Obviously, if a relationship is more trouble than it's worth, you might want to leave. But you should also know that even the best of partnerships are being tested last year and this year. Ultimately, they will come out stronger and they will persevere. (Let's all sing the second verse of "We Shall Overcome.")

Home and Family

The planet Neptune takes 165 years to go through all 12 signs. Some people have to live with Neptune travelling through their sign. Some people never have this experience. Your sign has Neptune making a very nice relationship to your Sun in Cancer ever since 2012. This supportive relationship will last until 2025. During this 13 year window of time, Neptune stimulates your compassion for others. It increases your idealism. Your creative imagination is definitely stimulated! On a day-to-day basis, your sensitivity to others will be more tuned in, which allows you to understand other people intuitively and quickly. This increased sensitivity promotes your relations with family members in the same way that the opposite to sensitivity harms them. This is why you are more tuned in to the wants of your kids, your partner, your spouse and people in your immediate surroundings. This is a good thing. Precious, actually.

Also, since 2012, the planet Uranus has been at odds with your sign making you feel rebellious, restless and easily irritable. An entirely different influence! Uranus moves much faster because it takes only 84 years to orbit the Sun. This testy influence of wild, wacky Uranus ends this year. (Whew!) This challenging influence will not just diminish - it will disappear! (Thank gawd!) This is another reason relations with family members, especially older members of the family or parents, will improve. You can count on this!

Marriage partnerships are challenging now because this is a time when a bad marriage or partnership could come to an end. If this is the case, do not fight it. Do not hold on to something just for the sake of holding on, even though you are miserable. Doing this would be like holding on to a hot pot. If you keep holding on to a hot pot, your hands are burning! Sometimes you have to let go.

2019 Monthly Highlights


You will need more sleep this month because the Sun is now as far away from your sign as it gets all year (symbolically), and since the Sun is your source of energy, this means you will need more rest. It also means your focus on partnerships, spouses and close friendships is strong. Fortunately, you have more objectivity and detachment as you view these relationships. Ideally, you will also be able to see your own role in the relationship. It's a social month, fair Venus wants you to party! Mars want you to travel and learn more; and Jupiter now begins to improve your health and lay the groundwork for you to find a better job or work that is rewarding and gratifying.


Relations with others are a mixed bag this month. Both Saturn and Pluto are opposite your sign and they're strong influences. Basically, they're like a pail of cold water thrown in your face. Tough wake-up call! ("I hate smelling the coffee.") Fortunately, Venus is also opposite your sign, sitting in your House of Relationships, and this is an ameliorating influence because Venus softens everything. It weakens one's ego forces and helps to create a proper balance between you and others. It makes it easy for you to express your affection. Admittedly, some of you might find new love with this influence. It also brings a blessing to legal confrontations and lawsuits.


It's March and you want to expand your world! This is the perfect month to travel or broaden your horizons. If you can't travel, then be a tourist in your own city. Because you will love to study anything and learn something new, this is the perfect time to go back to school or sign up for a course. Venus in your 8th House amps your sex drive, making intimate relations memorable and passionate! (Be still my beating heart.) This month you will be more physically active dealing with groups and friends. You might find yourself in a physical competition. You will enjoy working out at the gym or cycling with groups, which is a good idea because this is the year when a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. (Aagghh!)


This is the only month of the year when the Sun is at high noon in your chart casting you in a flattering spotlight. This is why bosses, parents, and VIPs think you are fabulous. (Even if you don't do anything different or anything special.) Obviously, you can use this "smoke and mirrors" blessing to your favour! Now is the time to make your pitch. Demand the advantage! Meanwhile, travel for pleasure still appeals. Likewise, your love of learning new knowledge is still strong. This month your appreciation of beauty is heightened, which means you will enjoy visits to museums, art galleries, boutiques and gorgeous, architectural buildings. Give yourself this treat. (Preferably in Paris or Madrid!)


You will enjoy increased popularity this month as you become more involved with friends. You will either join clubs, groups and associations or become more involved with their members and their mandates. You will hang out more with younger people. This is an excellent month to set goals for your long-term future. Ideally, you might want to bounce your hopes and dreams for the future off someone else to get their feedback because this will help you. Meanwhile, Venus at the top of your chart sweetens your relations with bosses, parents and VIPs. It also makes others seek out your advice about design, layout, office arrangement, gardening - something that requires your aesthetic judgment. For some, a romance with a boss might blossom.


Because your birthday is looming, this means your personal year is coming to an end. What better month, to take a moment and look back over the last year? How well have you been doing at the art of living? What changes do you want to make for your coming new year? How do you want things to be different? You're brimming with lots of energy this month because both Mercury and Mars are in your sign. Mercury makes you talkative and eager to enlighten others, while Mars pumps your energy making you direct, forthright and competitive! Meanwhile, fair Venus continues to attract friends, especially artistic creative types into your world. Possibly, your association with a group or a club will bring money or gifts to you?


Ta da! This is your birthday month, which means the Sun is in your sign. When this happens, which is for four weeks once a year, you attract people and favourable situations to you. Obviously, you are in the driver's seat! Don't hesitate to put yourself first because this is the one time of year that you can do so without fear or apology. This is also an excellent month to buy wardrobe items for yourself. You are still eager to talk to others and at times, you will feel competitive with someone. Get some physical exercise to blow off any pent-up steam that might build up within you. Meanwhile, it's a fabulous month to socialize because you are charming, diplomatic and downright adorable!


"Show me the money!" Yes, you have money on your mind this month. For starters, you're full of moneymaking ideas. Secondly, almost inexplicably, you will attract money to you this month. You will also work hard to push your earnings but this same aggressive energy will cause you to spend your money as well. When it comes to spending money, you will buy beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. (On sale, of course.) Open up your wallet and let some moths out.


Whoa Nellie! Fasten your seatbelt because this month is busy. Suddenly, you've got things to do, places to go and people to see! Your schedule is jam packed because of short trips, conversations with others, increased reading, writing and studying plus many of you will be negotiating - and might I add, successfully so! It's a great month to take up a new study or learn something new because you are curious. Furthermore, you can make money from your words this month. In addition, you will feel loved. Look around you because very likely, you will have a greater appreciation for the beauty of your daily surroundings.


You are a nester. Home and family mean a lot to you because they give you a sense of security. You need a solid home base from which you can sally forth to conquer your world. This month your attention is on your home and family, and perhaps on a relationship with a parent. You might want to cocoon at home to hide from the busyness of the world. You will enjoy redecorating or buying beautiful things for your home and quite likely, you will do some quiet entertaining, especially so that you can show off a new purchase. (Greatly discounted.)


For some reason, increased activity and chaos are taking place on the home front. This could be due to redecorating projects or ambitious renovations? You might also be plagued with guests who won't leave. ("Go! And never darken my towels again!") Fortunately, you might escape this insanity by taking a vacation. (Perfect time for a cruise.) This is because despite whatever is going on at home, your main goal this month is to have fun! You want to enjoy the theatre, the arts, sports events and playful activities with children, parties and socializing with others, especially younger people. It's also a creative time for writers. Meanwhile, relations with coworkers are pleasant. For some of you, a work-related romance might begin. (Well, it figures, now that you've got your big promotion or your better job, am I right?)


This is a busy month for you because you're giving everything that you've got to whatever you want to do. You're setting high standards for yourself. You're working hard because you want to be efficient, effective and productive. You will definitely be productive because this is one of your main strengths this year. Nevertheless, both Mercury and Mars want you to play! You will love to read whodunit's and play board games. You will enjoy hanging out with younger people and seeing sports events. Parties, entertaining diversions and fun celebrations, including children's activities, will be excellent choices. Relations with partners and close friends are warm and friendly this month. (Yay!)

A Peek Beyond 2019

In 2020, your partnerships and close relationships will improve! Glory Hallelujah! In fact, your partner's earnings might increase in 2021 because you will benefit from the wealth and resources of others at that time. (Perhaps an inheritance.) Ironically, on the heels of this, your partner might make less. (Life is a crapshoot.) Marvellous opportunities to travel and get further education exist in 2021-22; and by 2023, you are laughing because your reputation is stellar! Nevertheless, it is not until 2026, that you reach your true career peak where you will see clearly what is working and what is not. For many of you, this will be your time of kudos, congratulations and applause. Your turn to take a well-deserved bow!

My Cancer Mantra for 2019

"I welcome every chance to improve my job and my health this year!"

Mercury Retrograde in 2019

Mercury retrograde occurs three times a year. This is when Mercury appears to go backwards in relation to planet Earth. (In reality Mercury always moves forward.) During these so-called retrograde times, the areas that Mercury has domain over inexplicably suffer from errors and delays. These errors are small but frustrating!

Mercury has domain over everything that moves forward:

  1. All forms of ground transportation, (cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, taxis, trains)
  2. The mail, parcels, packages (Post Office plus Courier and Delivery Services)
  3. Communications - email, social media, phone calls, conversations
  4. It also includes daily living (the people we encounter, the items we deal with, the transactions we make and how we relate to others.)

During Mercury retrograde, all the areas under the domain of Mercury tend to go "backwards." (They certainly have trouble going forwards!) Expect transportation delays, missed buses and car breakdowns. Mail will be delayed or lost. Daily items like keys and papers will be misplaced. Communications with others will be confused and misunderstood. People from our past will pop up into our lives.

"Boris?" "Natasha!"

However, we can make good use of Mercury retrograde times to finish things, study the past, do research and reflect. But do not open a business or begin new projects. Mercury retrograde is also a bad time to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones.

The dates below are the actual retrograde dates plus the buffer times. This is because Mercury starts to slow down before it goes retrograde. Then afterwards, it needs more time to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde.

The craziness (delays and errors) is most pronounced during the actual retrograde time. However, if you are buying a big ticket item like a car or a computer, I recommend that you play it safe and avoid these purchases during the buffer times as well. You'll be glad you did.

Actual Mercury Retrograde Dates Buffered Dates (I use this one)
March 5 - March 28 February 26 - April 17
July 7 - August 2 June 23 - August 15
October 31 - November 20 October 20 - December 8

Lucky Days for Cancer in 2019

  • January 19, 20
  • February 15, 16
  • March 15, 16
  • April 11, 12
  • May 8, 9
  • June 4, 5, 6
  • July 2, 3, 29, 30
  • August 26, 27
  • September 22, 23
  • October 19, 20
  • November 15, 16, 17
  • December 13, 14

Who Shares My Birthday?


Prince William 1982
Meryl Streep 1949
Emmanuelle Vaugier 1976
Lionel Messi 1987
Anthony Bourdain 1956
Orgyen Trinley Dorje 1985
Sam Clafin 1986
Elon Musk 1971
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Lena Horne 1917


Missy Elliott 1971
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Andrew Zimmern 1961
Francois Arnaud 1985
Dalai Lama 1935
Billy Campbell 1989
Michael Weatherly 1968
Rebecca Sugar 1987
Alice Munro 1931
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Phoebe Tonkin 1989
Patrick Stewart 1949
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Sandra Oh 1971
Ernest Hemingway 1899
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