"If I went to work in a factory, the first thing I would do is join a union."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
(Jan 30, 1882 - April 12, 1945)

What Will 2019 Bring?

Last year I predicted "sexual secrets will continue, along with scandals about the media, universities, the church and foreign countries. (Russia springs to mind.)"

This year the big change for 2019 is the shift of Uranus into Taurus. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1935 to 1942.

Uranus challenges rigid structures. It fights power and tyranny on behalf of the everyday person. Uranus is the energy behind unions, Green Peace and Amnesty International. Its rallying cry is "the greatest good for the greatest number!" Uranus represents technology, computers, the sky, aviation, air waves and the radio.

For the last seven years, Uranus was in fiery Aries. an independent "ME" sign. Consider how the "Selfie" society exploded in that time! Aries is also militant, hence the #metoo movement with its overnight groundswell.

But Uranus in Taurus will be very different: Taurus is tangible. It is Earth, the ground, the source of food. It is the sign of domesticated animals; and it rules money, wealth and banks. It is conservative. It values time-tested tradition.

New rules regarding banking will be introduced this year and in the next seven years. Revolutionary ideas will impact food production. There will be increased "sharing" of goods - shared housing, shared cars, shared gardens, shared jobs.

My advice is to protect what you have. Take care of what you own. Be financially prudent. Solidify your finances and get out of debt.

Meanwhile, for the first time in 12 years, lucky Jupiter will dazzle because it is back in its own sign! This will benefit travel, education, publishing, the media and give everyone increased hope! (Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling you have isn't permanent.)

Hello Aquarius!

You're one-of-a-kind, independent, rebellious and a fighter for the planet. (You can't leave home without a petition.) You're modern and quirky because we both know you were born 50 years ahead of your time. (Naturally, you're the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac!) Tight schedules give you rashes and headaches. Rocket science, aviation and airports call your name. You love your friends and are an amazing net-worker! You thrive in clubs, organizations and unions. You're sexually experimental. (Nothing is too far out.) You have eclectic tastes, but yet, you value tradition. ("Do you have malt vinegar for the fries?") One more thing - you're smart. Really smart!

A Backwards Glance

In the early 90's, you were ready for change. It was time to strike out on your own so you could redefine your relationship with the world. Help from others was appreciated in 1993, and by 1994, you took flight. (Perhaps literally because many of you travelled then or went back to school.)

You made a strong impression on everyone in the mid-90s; however, around 1996, you entered a three-year window that was a roller coaster! Fluctuating jobs, changing residences and an element of uncertainty kept you on your toes! Fortunately, by 1998, your financial scene improved, which allowed you to get more serious about where you wanted to live as you approached the millennium. In fact, the turn of the millennium was your opportunity to find a bigger or better home or explore real-estate opportunities. About time!

Romance was promising in 2001. That was a great time for vacations, partying, fun socializing and sports. Some of you expanded your family then, and by 2002, your job prospects improved! Things were looking up!

Following that, partnerships were warmer, more meaningful and definitely beneficial to you. In fact, many of you received a direct benefit from a partnership either tangibly or indirectly in a financial way by 2004. By now, you were busting your buns trying to show the world what you could do and by 2006 - voila! It was your turn to shine! "Watch my dust!"

Of course, nothing is perfect. Despite your success, partnerships were challenging in 2007 and those that were more trouble than they were worth ended. Nevertheless, 2008-09 was a sweet time because lucky Jupiter was in your sign. ("Love that Jupiter!") Life was fortunate and you attracted opportunities to you, even if your partner was earning less, which of course, meant you had to stand on your own two feet. ("I can do this.")

Your earnings took a lovely leap around 2010. (Well that's a relief!) Once again around 2010-11, you had a chance to improve your home scene. At that time, you might have renovated or made major improvements to where you lived. Some of you moved to bigger and better digs. Some of you also expanded your family then or shortly thereafter because it was a time of increase and expansion in your private world.

Vacations, rewarding times with children and pleasant, social times made 2013 a fun year! This was also when you were approaching your career peak - virtually your time of harvest. By 2014, you were styling! Work-related travel was likely. (People at work thought you walked on water.) You were empowered at this time, which is why you were able to explore whatever you wanted to do because you could see what was working what was not. It was obvious.

Partnerships and your relations with the general public were stellar around 2015. By 2016, many of you benefited from inheritances, money back from the government or your partner's income, which was an indirect benefit. By 2017, you wanted to travel! Many of you took a major trip while others explored opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. Some of you also went back to school, took courses or did workshops.

Last year was a fantastic year because lucky Jupiter was crossing the top of your chart. ("Works for me!") This brought you amazing opportunities to expand your world. Many of you travelled more than usual. Others received a promotion at work or kudos and the proud acknowledgement for your efforts. You might have been involved with foreign interests in your career. It was a year to boost your confidence. Life was good!

Hey, life is still good!

What Will 2019 Be Like?

Money and Career

This year your life will flow more easily. From your point of view, it will seem like you put out a minimum effort and get a maximum reward! Nevertheless, it will also be a time of growth and expansion in your business or your job, especially because people in power will back you or encourage you or give you opportunities. Don't hesitate to "think big" because this is the year to do so. It's a year to make ambitious plans and important decisions. Got that?

This is why your hopes and dreams for the future will play a strong role in guiding your decisions this year. Some years are sort of mellow as if we're just simmering on the back burner. But other years are decisive years. Because your ideals are aroused this year, it means you want to make the world a better place (because that's who you are). If you are so inclined, you will start to nurture decisions that commit you to a heavy involvement with groups and organizations that work for broad social reform.

One thing is certain, professionally speaking, it is to your strong advantage to work with others this year either in a partnership or in groups. No question! Your big take away for this year is that your interaction with others will benefit you. Remember this. In fact, whatever energy you put out, in terms of working with others, will come back to you magnified! Join professional organizations and stay in touch with people in your field.

An indication that change is afoot is the fact that you're nursing big decisions. For starters, you can see that you're starting to downsize. In fact, many of you will begin to dismantle much of what you created since 2005. This could be a conscious decision on your part; or in some cases, it will start to happen because when you go to do something, or talk to someone - you no longer get the response or the result you expected. Not the one you used to get. (Whaaat?) Things have changed.

Along with this, you have a growing desire to streamline your life and lighten your load. Of course you want to be involved with what is meaningful, but you also want to step away from what is extraneous. This quality of winnowing your life in a professional sense combined with your new idealism and desire to infiltrate new groups and explore new ideas will start to take you in a new direction.

"The time is coming," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax -
Of cabbages -- and kings -
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."


Your interactions with others will get a huge boost this year. Major! For starters, this is going to be a popular year for you. Everyone wants to see your face! Of course, you enjoy friends and many of you are involved in groups. But this year, these qualities will be magnified! You will be much more involved in group activities and organizations. You might even start an organization. Because you are more idealistic this year, you will be fired up about the mandate of organizations that promote social reform.

Regardless of what organizations you choose to become involved with, this is not a year when you should go it alone. This is because any kind of involvement with others - professionally, personally or socially, will benefit you. Friends will be supportive. You will make new friends. New contacts will also be valuable to you. Naturally, this works both ways and you will benefit others as well. But all this social interaction will pump your enthusiasm, which is one of the reasons you will be so happy this year. You love it when things are happening due to your involvement and your ability to inspire others and lend support. It's rewarding and satisfying!

You might also travel with a friend this year or travel because of your involvement with an organization. Take note that if your efforts improve the lives of others around you, your life will improve likewise; but if your efforts are more selfish and only benefit yourself, the benefit you receive will be much less. (Hey, I didn't make the rules.)

Expect to meet new people and make new friends, which is one of the reasons this will be such a gratifying year!

Home and Family

As your idealism grows this year, and your contact with others increases through friendships, new introductions and your involvement with groups and associations, your home life will be affected in two ways: The first is that you will likely bring more people home into your private world because they are new friends or because they are groups with which you are involved. (Install a revolving door.)

The second way involves the fact that you feel big decisions coming on! As part of this process of change taking place, you are already going through attics, lockers, storage places, closets and cupboards to get rid of what you think is no longer relevant in your life. You will recycle, sell or give away what you do not want anymore. Some of you might feel you are doing this to tidy up your scene. But others will be tuned in to the reality that you are actually streamlining your world because you're getting ready for a big change. This change might not yet be apparent, but it might involve a residential move in the next year or so. This is definitely something to think about.

Meanwhile, because this is a happy, easy-going year for you, obviously, your relations with family members will be upbeat and positive! Yes, you're a winner this year! Be grateful for your good fortune.

2019 Monthly Highlights


Even though this is going to be a popular year for you, this month it starts out rather low key. Four planets in your chart are hiding, which means that similarly, you want to hide from too much busyness. Venus is high in your chart and will pave the way for smooth relations with bosses and parents. Mars will make you forthright, verbally aggressive and quick to defend yourself. Mars will also accelerate your daily pace. Nevertheless, on the whole, you want to withdraw and contemplate your new year ahead. What are your goals for your new year? What are your goals for the next five years?


Well, here you are, centre stage in full dazzle! This month is your turn to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. You will attract people and favourable situations to you without any effort. The placement of Mercury will encourage conversations with everyone. You have ideas and you intend to share them! Your popularity is picking up now. Quite likely, groups and organizations will demand your presence, your membership or even your leadership. Meanwhile, secret love affairs are taking place for some. In addition, you will continue to downsize and let go of what is no longer relevant in your life - as you will do so for the rest of this year. It's an ongoing process.


You have money on your mind this month. Perhaps you are aware of your cash flow or looking for ways to boost your earnings because you are full of moneymaking ideas! It's probably fortunate that you have this emphasis on money this month because a different influence is encouraging you to buy wardrobe items for yourself. Do it. Meanwhile, increased chaos and activity on the home front cannot be avoided. This might take place because of visiting guests, residential moves or renovations and repairs. Be patient with family members. This increased activity might also take place because of group meetings you are holding at home. (You know who you are.)


"Spring is here. The grass is riz. I wonder where da boidies is." You have spring fever this month, which is why the pace of your days will accelerate with a jam-packed schedule. Conversations with others, appointments, tasks, increased time spent with siblings and relatives plus short trips plus more reading, writing and studying than usual all combine to give you a busy, almost frantic month! Fortunately, you will attract money to you. (You are still full of moneymaking ideas.) And yes, you are still spending money on beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. Your primary thrust this month is to communicate to others. You have something to say! Some of you might be involved in competitive sports. All of you will socialize extensively and enjoy the company of others. Fun activities with children will delight.


This month your attention turns to home, family and your private life. Family discussions will take place, perhaps regarding plans for home repairs? Meanwhile, Venus indicates you can make money from your words this month, which is good news for those in sales, marketing, teaching, acting and writing. Mars continues to push you into social situations, including physical activities. It's a fun month!


This might be one of your most fun-filled months of the year! Yay, me! It is certainly an ideal month to go on vacation. Go somewhere! You will also enjoy exploring the arts, sports events, the theatre and grabbing little mini escapes and getaways whenever you can fit them in. Playful activities with children will delight. Romance will blossom. Tourjours 'amour! (Sigh.)


After a month of popular socializing and fun diversions, guilt and duty will drive you to work harder this month. You want to pull your act together before you take it on the road. In fact, not only do you want to work hard this month, you will also focus on how to manage your life better. You would like to think that you're getting the best results for your efforts - the most bang for your buck. Relations with coworkers are excellent this month. In part, this is because you're rolling up your sleeves and digging right in. Be patient with partners and close friends while Mars is opposite your sign. This is just a temporary annoyance. (Actually, they are!) And yes, your popularity continues, as does your desire to continue to downsize.


All that play and all that work might have taken their toll on you, which is one reason you need more sleep and more rest this month. Respect your need for this. Don't try to be all things to all people all of the time. Many of you will be focused on partnerships and close friendships more than usual this month. Fortunately, Venus will ameliorate any difficulties; however, Mars will trigger them! It's okay to assert yourself. Possibly partners and close friends are jealous of your involvement in groups and your association with new friends? Ah yes, the frail human ego.


This is an intense, passionate month. In part, this is because you are more in touch with your inner being than usual, which might lead to an epiphany or at least, a deeper observation of who you are. In fact, you will have a strong urge to experience life at a feeling level - not just an intellectual appreciation of things. You might even meet someone who produces some soul-searching within you. On a more mundane level, you will be more than usual concerned with bills, taxes, debt, inheritances and the wealth and resources of your partner or someone else. You will attract money to you, which means this is a good time to get a loan or mortgage. Meanwhile, back in the boudoir, this is a hot, sexy time! Plenty of diary fodder.


Travel if you can this month because you need a change of scenery. Yup, it's time to get outta Dodge. Not only do you want to see new places and meet new faces, you want to learn more. This is why some of you will go back to school or take courses or sign up for workshops. But most definitely - travel for pleasure and learning for pleasure will appeal! Disputes about shared property might take place now. If so, you can present your side to any authority figure because they will listen. And let us not forget, you are popular and everyone loves you this year! Kiss, kiss, hug, hug.


Ta da! This is the only month of the year when the Sun is at the top of your chart casting you in a flattering spotlight. ("Are you ready for your close-up, Miss Garbo?") Because you look so wonderful in the eyes of others, especially bosses, parents and VIPs - this is your month to strike! Make your pitch. Go after what you want because others see you in such a positive way. (By the way, you don't have to do anything special. Think of it as smoke and mirrors.) Mercury is also at the top of your chart, which promotes your ability to make pronouncements from on high as well as talk to important people. Mars continues to ignite your desire to travel and learn more. However, Venus is getting close to Jupiter in your House of Friendships, which means your friendships and your relations with groups, clubs and organizations couldn't be better. (It's all a bit much!)


This is a supremely popular month! Your idealism is aroused. You are enjoying mingling with clubs, groups and organizations as well as friends and acquaintances. In fact, this is an excellent month to share your hopes and dreams for the future with someone because their feedback will help you. Mars at the top of your chart arouses your ambition and makes you look strong and capable in the eyes of bosses and VIPs. Oh yes, they are impressed! Once again, the possibility of secret love affairs is looming and, who knows? You are so popular this year a friend could become a lover? And yes, you will continue to downsize and let go of what is basically holding you back and being of no use to you anymore. This is not loss. This is lightening your load!

A Peek Beyond 2019

The year 2020 is pivotal for you because now you will start to see why you have been downsizing and streamlining your life. A new path will open up for you, which takes you in an entirely new direction. Basically, one aspect of this path is that you are going to reinvent yourself in the next seven to eight years. At that time, your life will be radically different from how it was in 2018.

In 2021, lucky Jupiter will be in your sign, boosting your confidence and your self poise. It will attract good fortune to and make you feel like a million bucks! Speaking of which, you will earn more money in 2022. Count on this. To put a finer point on it, you will become richer or your assets will increase even if you are not earning a salary anymore.

The year 2024 is a fabulous year to explore real-estate opportunities or to expand and renovate your home or move to bigger and better digs. Plan on a lovely vacation around 2025 because this is the year when you will make an effort to have fun. It's a great year for romance, sports activities and playful times with kids.

"I'm a peripheral visionary. I can see the future but only way off to the side."

My Aquarius Mantra for 2019

"My interactions with others will benefit me this year!"

Mercury Retrograde in 2019

Mercury retrograde occurs three times a year. This is when Mercury appears to go backwards in relation to planet Earth. (In reality Mercury always moves forward.) During these so-called retrograde times, the areas that Mercury has domain over inexplicably suffer from errors and delays. These errors are small but frustrating!

Mercury has domain over everything that moves forward:

  1. All forms of ground transportation, (cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, taxis, trains)
  2. The mail, parcels, packages (Post Office plus Courier and Delivery Services)
  3. Communications - email, social media, phone calls, conversations
  4. It also includes daily living (the people we encounter, the items we deal with, the transactions we make and how we relate to others.)

During Mercury retrograde, all the areas under the domain of Mercury tend to go "backwards." (They certainly have trouble going forwards!) Expect transportation delays, missed buses and car breakdowns. Mail will be delayed or lost. Daily items like keys and papers will be misplaced. Communications with others will be confused and misunderstood. People from our past will pop up into our lives.

"Boris?" "Natasha!"

However, we can make good use of Mercury retrograde times to finish things, study the past, do research and reflect. But do not open a business or begin new projects. Mercury retrograde is also a bad time to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones.

The dates below are the actual retrograde dates plus the buffer times. This is because Mercury starts to slow down before it goes retrograde. Then afterwards, it needs more time to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde.

The craziness (delays and errors) is most pronounced during the actual retrograde time. However, if you are buying a big ticket item like a car or a computer, I recommend that you play it safe and avoid these purchases during the buffer times as well. You'll be glad you did.

Actual Mercury Retrograde Dates Buffered Dates (I use this one)
March 5 - March 28 February 26 - April 17
July 7 - August 2 June 23 - August 15
October 31 - November 20 October 20 - December 8

Lucky Days for Aquarius in 2019

  • January 7, 8, 9
  • February 3, 4, 5
  • March 3, 4, 30, 31
  • April 26, 27, 28
  • May 24, 25
  • June 20, 21
  • July 17, 18, 19
  • August 13, 14, 15
  • September 10, 11
  • October 7, 8, 9
  • November 3, 4, 5
  • December 1, 2, 28, 29

Who Shares My Birthday?


Evan Peters 1987
Geena Davis 1956
Guy Fieri 1968
Mariska Haritay 1964
Mischa Barton 1986
Alicia Keys 1981
Wayne Gretsky 1961
Rosamund Pike 1979
Colette 1873
Oprah Winfrey 1954
Olivia Colman 1974
Justin Timberlake 1981


Lauren Conrad 1986
Ina Garten 1948
Blythe Danner 1943
Gabrielle Anwar 1970
Henry Golding 1987
Gord Downie 1964
James Spader 1960
Pooch Hall 1977
Michael B. Jordan 1987
Keeley Hawes 1976
Burt Reynolds 1936
Judy Blume 1938
Stockard Channing 1944
Danai Gurira 1978
Matt Groening 1954
The Weeknd 1990
Ruth Rendell 1930
Jillian Michaels 1974