"Well, some men learn by listening, some read, some observe and analyze -- and some of us just have to pee on the electric fence."

Spider Robinson (Nov. 24, 1948)

We All Have a Past

This forecast begins with highlights of your past because if what I say about your past rings true, then you can trust what I say about your future.

Astrology is based on cycles. We can learn from our past. For example, when we look at your past, we see that the time around 1995 - 1996 was a strong time for you because your ruler, lucky Jupiter was in Sagittarius. This happens only once every 12 years and when it occurs it's a fabulous blessing for you. It increases your self-confidence and poise. It also introduces a new 12-year journey of self knowledge. (To observe the cycle of Jupiter in your sign we see that the last time it was in your sign was in 2007, and the next time will be in 2019, and then again in 2031.)

The mid-90s were also a time when you worked hard to solidify your home base and repair or fix up where you lived so that you felt solid and safe. By 1998, you had a chance to improve your home scene either by increasing the value of your real estate or improving where you lived. Probably both.

As the traveller of the zodiac, around the turn of the Millennium, many of you enjoyed a vacation and had a chance to see more of the world. Shortly thereafter, you had wonderful chances to improve your job. By 2002, you began to get more recognition for your efforts; nevertheless, this was a challenging time for partnerships and relationships. Oy vey. In fact, relationships that were more trouble than they were worth ended then or in 2003.

Once again travel and opportunities to explore new avenues in publishing, the media, medicine, the law and anything to do with higher education were yours in 2003. Lookin' good! And by 2004, your reputation was shining. You looked successful and competent in the eyes of others, especially bosses and VIPs. Around 2007, you were forced to rely on yourself and stand on your own two feet; nevertheless, this was still a powerful time because you were approaching a career peak in your life from 2008-2012. In addition, your ruler lucky Jupiter was back in your sign making life easier for you.

By 2009, you experienced a time of harvest when you began to reap the benefit of seeds that you planted in the last seven years. By 2010, your chances to improve your world through real estate - buying and selling, renovating or even renting something better, were excellent. You were happier about where you lived.

However, by 2013, you entered a two-year window of time where you had to downsize and let go of many things - possessions, people, places, jobs and perhaps even countries. Looking back, regardless of how you felt at that time, you will see that this downsizing was not so much a time of loss, but rather a time of lightening your load and streamlining your life so that you were free to pursue a new path in 2015-16.

Freedom is important to Sagittarians. You need to feel free both physically in terms of having freedom of movement, as well as psychologically free to be an independent thinker. This kind of freedom plus a chance to constantly renew your optimism are survival issues for you. This is why you are always forward thinking. Always thinking about what is next. What is down the road? What's around the next corner? You are the Centaur, holding your bow with your arrow poised, ready to shoot into your future.

And Here It Is ... 2017!

Wealth, Career and Reputation

If you cast your mind back, you see that it was around 2014-16 when you set off on a new journey. Perhaps you left a relationship or changed countries or changed jobs or went back to work - whatever it was - you had this sense of beginning something new. Those were the early stages something untried. Actually, this journey is the beginning of a time when you will reinvent yourself. This process will not be complete until 2023.

This means that in 2017, you are still very much in the beginning stage, which is why you have to be careful about new projects and be careful about what you choose to take on. One thing however, is certain: You will benefit from all your interactions with others in 2017, far more than in other years. Far more! It's important to know this. These interactions might be with friends and acquaintances; but they will also be with professional associations, clubs and groups.

This means that if you are introduced to someone in a professional sense through a group setting, or perhaps you decide to join a group, especially for professional reasons, you will benefit, not only now but in the future. This is a given for all Sagittarians in 2017.

Therefore, work with others. Accept their input. Be receptive to others. In fact, ask for their input and feedback about your ideas, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future because people will benefit you in many ways this year, and one of those way will be their feedback about your future goals. This is not a year for you to go it alone.

In the bigger picture, in terms of your career, from 2015 until 2023, you are redefining your world, which means your primary focus is your own personal development. You must protect this process. Do not stretch too far by leaping into a new career or changing jobs without giving your situation lot of thought. It's okay to jog in place and wait.

Another influence that also makes you hesitate before you dive into something new is the fact that Neptune, the planet of ideals and illusion, is slowly travelling through the bottom of your chart; and this can create confusion and difficulty for you. Many of you feel like whatever has been solid in the past has been kicked out from under you. You're not sure what you can rely on. Goals are fuzzy, and you don't like that. You are a sign who needs clear, focused objectives to stay happy. Neptune also makes you want to withdraw somewhat. Fortunately, it does promote self reflection. But Neptune has a funny way of eating away at your self confidence and assurance, which you need in your job and your profession. Fortunately, this is temporary.

Furthermore, in late 2018, your ruler lucky Jupiter returns to your sign once again. Ta da! As I mentioned earlier, it was in your sign in 2007, and before that, in 1995. This means that when you make your plans for the future, you can count on the support and blessing of Jupiter coming your way beginning in late 2018. Until then, continue on your current path, which is a time of figuring out who you are. And most specifically, be aware that your greatest benefit this year comes to you through others - friends and acquaintances, and also members of groups, clubs and organizations.

The placement of your ruler Jupiter this year favours your Sun in Sagittarius. (You are a lucky sign; and in fact, astrology text books say this.) This means that your life will seem to flow more easily this year. It means that with relatively little effort on your part, you seem to achieve your goals, or at least, you start to go in the direction you want to go. It also means that you will influence people in power - bosses, parents and VIPs - and furthermore, they will want to help you. This is good.

Naturally, whenever Jupiter is in the picture, you will find it easy to "think big," which is your style anyway. You will also be easy going and tolerant with others. In fact, you will be forgiving, especially with people who annoy you. (Ha!) Even you will be surprised at how mellow and easy-going you are this year. And hey, this obviously feels good!

Romance and Relationships

A strong determining factor to any year in your life is your relationship to the planet Jupiter because Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our solar system. It is so large you could fit all the other planets in the solar system inside Jupiter, and still have room for three sesame seeds and the heart of a Hollywood producer. Its huge size therefore symbolizes largess, expansion, generosity, wealth and wisdom.

In 2017, Jupiter will be in a sign that is about 60 degrees from your sign. This is a good thing. This is a supportive relationship, and whenever Jupiter is in this kind of supportive relationship to your Sun, your life will flow more easily. Your tires won't wear out, your kids won't get cavities and you'll be happy with your bandwidth when watching Netlfix. I jest, but there is some truth in this. Your life will be happier and easier this year, which is probably the single biggest factor that will affect your romantic relationships and partnerships.

Since you will be more "hail-fellow-well-met", you will be more attractive to others. People will want to be around you because happiness is sexy. Your contentment will make you less critical, less likely to complain, and more likely to cooperate. This single quality - this blessing of Jupiter - did not exist last year. But you have it this year, and you should appreciate it and use it to your best advantage. If you are single, you will more easily meet new people. In fact, you don't have to do anything different because you will be different and exude a different persona - a positive one. This alone will attract people to you.

This same winning influence will affect your relations with your current relationships. People will enjoy your company more this year because you are pleasant, content and happier. This is bonus for 2017!

For several years now, the unpredictable planet Uranus has been travelling through the part of your chart that rules romance, love affairs and all the fun stuff. It will be there in 2017. This injects a lot of excitement into your social life because it encourages you to be revolutionary, original and bolder about approaching others. (You will surprise even yourself.) Admittedly, Uranus makes you attracted to characters and people who are wild and wacky, which in turn, means these relationships might not be long-lasting -- but yes, they're interesting!

Another influence of Uranus is it encourages you to demand equality and fair footing in all your relationships. You won't settle for anything less than an equal playing field - what's good for the goose is good for the gander. This is liberating - and anything that liberates you is dear to your heart.

However, if you are contemplating a change to an important relationship, especially a change to a long-term marriage, be very careful. Fuzzy Neptune is sitting in the part of your chart that makes you confused about relationships at home, and especially marital relationships or relationships that are committed. You are a freedom-loving sign, and you often want to fly the coop. But you don't want to make a mistake, do you? Consider the advice of a Tibetan teacher:

If you act with discipline you will have no regrets.

This means -

  • If you do something, and you regret it, then you did not act with discipline.
  • And if you do something, and you don't regret it, then you acted with discipline.
  • And if you don't do something, and you don't regret it, then you acted with discipline.
  • And if you don't do something, and you regret it - then you didn't act with discipline.

I have always found this helpful to contemplate.

Home, Family and Real Estate

Your home life and your relationship with family members will likely improve this year because of the placement of Jupiter. Because Jupiter is one sign removed from you for most of 2017, it offers you support. And it is this support that allows your life to flow easily. And it is this support that allows you to achieve goals with relatively little effort. Naturally, this means you will feel less pressured, less harried and less worried about life in general. All of which will contribute to a happier family life simply because you are happier. It's axiomatic.

You have big ideas when it comes to your home, especially if you are fixing it up or renovating it, which many of you are doing because you might have moved in the last year or so. Another reason you may be encouraged to redecorate, expand or renovate your digs is that you are so popular this year, you might be entertaining more at home - in fact, this is almost a certainty. Because many of you gave up so much during 2012 - 16, some of you are actually in another country or a very different environment. Whether it is this, or the increased popularity, or your involvement with groups and clubs - your home will have greater meaning for you right now.

This is also a time for you when your family will undergo sudden changes. This is the influence of Uranus and it is a long influence that is not over until 2019. However, this influence means that suddenly changes with your children might take place. And in addition, it can also mean a sudden expansion to your family, especially through birth.

Basically, you are at the beginning of this new path of redefining who you are in the world. Therefore, do not take on too many things that are new and different. Do not make your life challenging. Keep things simple so that you have time and energy to devote to the process of your inner development. this Keep in mind that in late 2018, your ruler lucky Jupiter will return to your sign where it will stay for a year boosting your confidence, making you happier and more content with life.

Highlights of 2017 Month by Month


Having survived the holiday season, who is surprised that your focus this month is on money and cash flow? (Yes - where is it?) And why is there so much month left at the end of the money? Chaos and lots of activity at home indicate you are accomplishing something. Relations with siblings and relatives are warm.


This is a busy month! Stay awake so that you can handle your jam-packed schedule. Short trips, errands, discussions with many people plus increased reading, writing and studying will keep you hopping. Sports events and romantic rendezvous's are also on the menu.


Now your attention turns to home, family and your private life. An interaction with a parent could be significant. Family discussions and home repairs are high on your list. Nevertheless, parties, sports events and romantic social diversions have your attention as well.


Now you really want to party! This is a great month to slip away on a vacation. It's also a lovely time to enjoy parties, social diversions, playful activities with children, the arts, the entertainment world and restaurants and hotels. Accept invitations to schmooze with others. At home, you will want to redecorate. At work, you're working hard and delegating to others.


Although still playful, there's no question that your focus now is about efficiency, effectiveness and being more productive. You want to use your time wisely and get the most bang for your buck. You will also spend time, money and effort redecorating where you live and making your digs more attractive this month. You have lots of energy to accomplish things on many levels.


This is the one month of the year when according to your chart, the energy of the Sun is as far away from you as it can get all year, which means you will be tired more than usual. In turn, this means you need to get more rest and sleep more. You might also be fighting with partners or close friends. Something is unsettling here. Fortunately, fair Venus promises social outings, romance and fun times.


For various reasons, you are focused on shared property, inheritances and the wealth and assets of your partner or someone else. Quite likely, disputes are in the picture. It's important for you to fight for your rights now. With Venus opposite your sign now, you will be charming and diplomatic, which gives you a better chance to talk to others in such a way that you can get what you want.


Well, you are the traveller of the zodiac - there is no question about this. No doubt you have been travelling throughout the year. Nevertheless, this is the strongest month where you feel the need to get out of town. Therefore, travel as much as possible, as well as pursue further studies and chances to learn something because you want to broaden your horizons. Financial arrangements will benefit you.


You look great in the eyes of others, especially bosses, parents and VIPs. Because of this, this is the month to make your pitch and go after what you want, even if you don't do anything special to earn their praise. You just look good - chalk it up to smoke and mirrors and your innate good luck. Romance with someone different might blossom!


This is a popular month for you, especially with younger people. You might join clubs, groups and associations. You might teach or be a coach. Nevertheless, in your career and your job, you are ambitious right now, which means you're cooking on all six burners. Venus paves the way for smooth relations with bosses and VIPs.


Because your birthday is a month away, this means your personal year is coming to an end. Therefore, this is the perfect month to strategize and plan what you want for your new personal year, which is birthday to birthday. Take time to set some goals, especially with deadlines. You're eager to enlighten others about something this month. Relations with friends and colleagues are warm, friendly and possibly, competitive.


Everything is going your way now because this is your birthday month. Enjoy this time to replenish and restore your energy for the coming year. This is a great month to buy wardrobe items and to schmooze with others. Without any extra effort, you will find that you magnetize people to you and attract favourable situations. Use this to your advantage!

A Sneak Peek Beyond

You will be laughing in 2019, because lucky Jupiter will be back in your sign for the first time since 2007. This will make you feel happier and more content on a daily basis. The following year in 2020, many of you will boost your income or get a better paying job because your money scene looks great!

Around 2020-21, you enter a three-year window where you will likely change jobs or residences or both. However, if this involves a change of residence, do take note because you will either move again or perhaps wait until 2022, which is the best year for real estate for your sign in over a decade.

In 2022, you will enjoy a year where you have fabulous real-estate opportunities! This is the time to buy and sell or build. It is also the time to renovate or expand or improve where you currently live. Likewise, it's a great year to find something better and bigger to rent. You will feel richer at home, no matter what happens. And your family life will be enriched as well; and family members will be happier with each other and more mutually generous.

All these good vibes will lead to ambitious vacation plans for 2023. Mark that on your calendar if you are planning a big trip because whatever vacation you enjoy then, will be extremely rewarding!

Your Sagittarius Mantra for 2017

"Be friendly with everyone because the world is my oyster!"

Mercury Retrograde in 2017

Mercury retrograde occurs three times a year. This is when Mercury appears to go backwards in relation to planet Earth. (In reality Mercury always moves forward.) During these so-called retrograde times, the areas that Mercury has domain over inexplicably suffer from errors and delays. The errors are small but frustrating!

Mercury is the symbol of everything that moves forward:

  1. all forms of ground transportation, (cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, taxis, trains)
  2. the mail, parcels, packages (Post Office and Courier and Delivery Services)
  3. communications -- email, social media, phone calls, conversations
  4. daily living (the people we encounter, the items we deal with, the transactions we make and how we relate to others.)

During Mercury retrograde, all the areas under the rulership of Mercury tend to go "backwards." (They certainly have trouble going forwards!) This is why we can expect transportation delays, missed buses and car breakdowns. Mail will be late or lost, daily items that we handle like keys and papers will be misplaced; and communications with others will be confused and misunderstood. Plus people from our past will pop up into our lives. "Boris?" "Natasha!"

Use Mercury retrograde times to finish things, study the past, do research and reflect. But do not open a business or begin new projects then. Mercury retrograde is also a bad time to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones.

The dates below are the actual retrograde dates plus the buffer times. This is because Mercury starts to slow down before it goes retrograde. Then afterwards, it needs more time to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde.

The craziness (delays and errors) is most pronounced during the actual retrograde time. However, if you are buying a big ticket item like a car or a computer, I recommend that you play it safe and avoid these purchases in the buffer times as well. You'll be glad you did.

December 19 - January 8 (Buffer times: December 2016 to - January 28)
April 9 - May 3 (Buffer times: April 1 - May 21)
August 13 - September 5 (Buffer times: July 30 - September 20)
December 3 - December 23 (Buffer times: November 26 - January 11, 2018)

Lucky Days for 2017

  • January 22, 23, 24
  • February 19, 20
  • March 18, 19
  • April 14, 15, 16
  • May 12, 13
  • June 8, 9
  • July 5, 6, 7
  • August 1, 2, 29, 30
  • September 25, 26, 27
  • October 22, 23, 24
  • November 18, 19, 20
  • December 15, 16, 17

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Jill Hennessy 1968
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Caroline Kennedy 1957
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Janelle Monae 1985
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