"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." "Dr. Seuss"

Theodor Seuss Geisel (March 2, 1904 - Sept. 24, 1991)

We All Have a Past

This forecast begins with highlights of your past because if what I say about your past rings true, then you can trust what I say about your future.

Astrology is based on cycles. We can learn from our past. Around 1994, you began a whole new world. Basically, this was the beginning of a journey wherein you would reinvent yourself. People were supportive, and that made a difference. By 1995, bosses and VIPs were impressed with you and many of you had a chance to make your mark in the world. Around 1999-2001, your life was a busy carousel with changing jobs and changing residences. Following that, in 2002-04, you worked hard to establish a solid base for yourself in the world. You needed something you could rely on.

Children became an increased responsibility for you in 2004-05, and by 2006-07, you were busting your buns to show the world what you could do. However, 2007-08 was a challenging time for partnerships. Fortunately, in 2010, when lucky Jupiter was in your sign, life was easier. You might have been financially challenged around 2011-14 because support from others was diminished. Nevertheless, you shouldered on.

In fact, 2014 was a great year for romance and vacations. You had wonderful chances to improve your job in 2015, and by 2016, you were laughing.

Last year was one of the best times for you to enter into a relationship or get married. The year 2016 was the beginning of a five-year stretch where you are really on your game, getting acknowledgements and kudos for your accomplishments. Great!

And Here It Is ... 2017!

Wealth, Career and Reputation

This is one of the best years of your life for your job, your career, your public reputation and your standing in the community. It couldn't be better! The reason you are sitting so pretty is you have two powerful influences that help you this year:

The first is that Saturn is now at the top of your chart. The last time this occurred was from 1986 to 1988. Basically, this happens twice in your life (perhaps three, if you live long). This is your time of harvest! You are reaping the benefits of the seeds that you have sown, especially since 2008. If you are younger, this could be a time of graduation, or marriage, or perhaps a first child or something very special that you wanted to achieve. But for most, it is a time of promotions, accolades, honours, praise and respect from others because whatever you do - you are doing it well, and everyone is aware of this. Bravo!

This can also be a time where you experience some failure. It could be a mixed bag. If this is the case, do not focus on the failure. Just move on because this is still a powerful time for you. One thing is certain: You see clearly what is working and what is not in your life and this in itself is empowering.

This time in your life is linked to seven years ago, when you began something new. Now your plans are being tested. In particular, you might find it difficult to deal with an authority figure. Fear not because patience and perseverance will carry you through.

The second reason is also good news. Lucky, moneybags Jupiter is sitting in one of your Money Houses - specifically, the Money House that relates to the wealth and resources of others. This means it will be easy for you to raise money this year. It will be easy to get a loan or a mortgage. You might benefit indirectly from a boost to your partner's wealth or you might benefit directly by receiving an inheritance or money and gifts from others.

This means this is a powerful time in your career. Ya think? And it's perfect timing! Just when you are making major decisions about your life direction, you have the knowledge and insight to choose what you want to do - and you will also get the support and funding from others if you need it. Couldn't be better!

Let's take a peek into the future so you can see how it all plays out. In Nov. 2018, lucky Jupiter will return to the top of your chart where it will stay for a year boosting your reputation! People will think you walk on water. That will be your turn to put your name up in lights. So it's all coming together. Do not be discouraged with the amount of hard work and responsibilities that you have now. It just goes with the territory.

Romance and Relationships

Hold the phone! Is that pure love on the line? There is no question that romance and love affairs will be passionate this year - way more than in other years. This is because of the planet Jupiter, which symbolizes increase and magnification; and as such, it always multiplies the energy of wherever it is in your chart. And guess where it is for you in 2017?

Jupiter will travel through your Eighth House, the part of your chart that is associated with your sex life and your physical desires. Yep - it's just that simple. Wow! Dange-uh! This happens only three or four times in your adult life - and this year is one of them. "Holy Matching Pillow Shams!" And your sexual energy will be cranked even more after Oct.

But sex is not the only number in your life. (There's seven, eight and nine.) Let us remember that your Eighth House is also a Money House, specifically the House of other people's money. This means as Jupiter travels through this House in 2017, there is a strong likelihood that you will pool your resources with someone else and together you will both come out richer. Alternatively, you might encounter someone or enter into a new relationship where the relationship is not only hot and sexy but it is also richer and rewarding in practical and financial ways. "We're in the Money!"

Naturally, this beneficial influence of Jupiter in your relationships will extend to relations with people who are not intimate. This means even warm friendships, as well as professional relationships will tend to be a practical and financial benefit. For example, people will give you things. They might give you gifts; they might give you money. They might give you advice, which is advantageous, especially in practical terms. Sometimes it means that you make friends or enter into a relationship with someone who is older and more established. This person might also be wiser and more worldly.

Meanwhile, because all of this coincides with this time of harvest in a 30- year cycle in your life where you clearly see what is working and what is not - you will have more insight about where you want to put your energy in any relationship. You will be less inclined to kid yourself. You will be less inclined to see someone through rose-coloured glasses, which is a thing that Pisces can do. (You know who you are.)

And more important, you will be more inclined to demand relationships where there is a level playing field. You want to be involved with someone who you respect and admire; and likewise, you want this individual to respect and admire you as well. No settling for a situation where you rationalize and talk yourself into things. You are stronger and seeing everything more clearly.

Home, Family and Real Estate

You will be strong when it comes to issues regarding your personal life and home, family and real estate because this is your time of harvest. This is a once in a 30-year cycle where you experience more clarity about what you want in life or what you do not want. You have a better idea about how to run your home and you intend to translate these ideas into a reality. Quite likely, you will express yourself firmly with family members to let them know what you want and what you expect. You will define your boundaries.

In addition, because of the position of lucky, moneybags Jupiter in one of your Money Houses, this is an excellent year to get a loan from a financial institution or a mortgage because your ability to get money from other institutions and other people is the best it has been since 2005. Yes! And it will not be this good again until 2028. Keep this in mind so that you realize that you actually have an amazing opportunity in 2017 to improve your holdings, especially shared holdings.

You can also improve anything to do with jointly-held property. You will more easily reduce your debt and perhaps wipe it out. (Dare we dream?) Some of you will receive an inheritance from a family member or gifts, goodies and advantages from others. All of these things can benefit your home and your family as well as possibly enable you to explore a favourable real-estate situation.

This year, people are more willing to help you; whether they decide to do so on purpose or it happens inadvertently. Therefore, you will get more support from others, which in turn, means you can bring about the changes you want to see in your personal life, your family and how you live at home. And part of this is because you see what you want and you see what you don't want. This clarity is empowering.

Highlights of 2017 Month by Month


You begin this year on a strong note of popularity. Enjoy schmoozing with others. Do not hesitate to join clubs, groups and associations. Not only will you enjoy family relations with others, you will benefit from these interactions. You will be strong and forthright this month because fiery Mars is in your sign. And it looks like some of you are having a secret love affair.


A mixed message comes to you this month. In one way, you want to be low-key and be behind the scenes as much is possible. Some of you will be doing research quietly by yourself. However, there is a strong emphasis on money this month. You will work hard to earn it and you will be out shopping for beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. And let us not forget that you can easily get money from other sources and banks. Oh yeah.


Ta da! This is your month! With the Sun, Mercury and your ruler Neptune in your sign, it is all about you now. This is why you will easily attract favourable situations to you. You will also attract people to you, especially younger people. Furthermore, you have something you want to say. Speak!


This is an excellent month for you to buy wardrobe items. You are also charming and diplomatic with everyone. Privately, your focus will be on money and expanding your earnings because you're full of moneymaking ideas. Fiery Mars will guarantee that you express your ideas with enthusiasm and gusto. Look out world!


This is a busy month!. You have a jam-packed schedule because you're trying to do so much. Short trips will take time, in addition to which you are reading, writing and studying more than usual. Plus you are running errands and talking to everyone! Money is on your mind; and you're shopping for beautiful things for yourself and loved ones. Fortunately, you are still full of moneymaking ideas! Meanwhile, tension and increased chaos at home will demand your patience. (Don't be dramatic.)


That tension and chaos is now in full swing, which is why your focus is on home, family and your private life. Your interaction with a parent could be significant. Your communication skills are strong this month. In particular, you will enjoy talking to siblings, relatives and neighbours. It's also a great month for those of you in sales, marketing, teaching, acting and writing.


It's time to par-tay! Better yet, take a vacation, especially a vacation where you are physically active and full of derring-do. You might be involved with competitive sports. Playful activities with children will please you. This is also a lovely romantic month. And do remember that your sex drive is amped for the entire year. Say no more! (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.) Your words are charming this month and many of you will make money from writing and talking.


Although you are still in a playful, romantic mood, your primary thrust this month is about work. You want to be efficient, effective and on top of your game. You are inspired to be the best you can be. And indeed, you will work hard to attain this. Discussions with a partner or close friend will be significant.


This is the one month of the year when you will be easily fatigued, which means you need to get more rest. You need more sleep. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge this. With Mars opposite your sign now, you will be annoyed with others. Keep this in mind because anger will serve no one any purpose, especially you. Be forgiving and mellow. Don't blurt out something you will later regret. Fortunately, work relations are smooth.


You will be very involved with others this month because on one hand, you are busy discussing taxes, debt, shared property, finances and anything that you own jointly with others. These discussions might also include insurance matters and inheritances. However, fiery Mars is still opposite your sign, which means these discussions could be confrontational. Fortunately Venus is opposite your sign and this will assuage conflict and difficulties. Good luck.


"Oh, to be in England now that April's here." Oops - it's not April. Let's fly south. You want to travel this month mainly because you need a change of scenery. You will enjoy travel for pleasure. Indeed, and for those of you who are obviously reading ahead - make plans to get away in November because you will love it. Disputes about shared property continue. But your sex drive is hot! Oh yes.


It seems like you can do no wrong this month because four planets are high in your chart. The Sun shines down on you with a flattering light, which makes you look good to everyone. Venus is high in your chart making you charming, diplomatic and knowledgeable in the eyes of others, especially with ways to make something look more attractive. Meanwhile, Mercury will encourage you to share your bright ideas with everyone, especially bosses and VIPs. Wonderful!

A Sneak Peek Beyond

Start to save your money this year because in 2018, you will be travelling. Oh yes! You will garner fascinating experiences and learn something new because you will expand your world next year. However, 2018 is also an excellent year to enter school or go back to school.

The following year, in 2019, your reputation is stellar. People will admire and respect you, which is why you can put your name up in lights.

Nevertheless, in a few years, you will enter a three-year window from 2021 to 2023 when you will begin to downsize by letting go of many things - people, places and possessions. This effort to streamline your world is because you will start something entirely new in 2024.

Please note that the year 2025 will be one of the best years for you to improve your real-estate situation. This includes buying, selling, building or renting something bigger and better. One thing is certain, your home scene will improve; your family life will be happier; and for many - you will expand your family through marriage, birth or adoption.

Your Pisces Mantra for 2017

"I've got it good and that ain't bad."

Mercury Retrograde in 2017

Mercury retrograde occurs three times a year. This is when Mercury appears to go backwards in relation to planet Earth. (In reality Mercury always moves forward.) During these so-called retrograde times, the areas that Mercury has domain over inexplicably suffer from errors and delays. The errors are small but frustrating!

Mercury is the symbol of everything that moves forward:

  1. all forms of ground transportation, (cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, taxis, trains)
  2. the mail, parcels, packages (Post Office and Courier and Delivery Services)
  3. communications -- email, social media, phone calls, conversations
  4. daily living (the people we encounter, the items we deal with, the transactions we make and how we relate to others.)

During Mercury retrograde, all the areas under the rulership of Mercury tend to go "backwards." (They certainly have trouble going forwards!) This is why we can expect transportation delays, missed buses and car breakdowns. Mail will be late or lost, daily items that we handle like keys and papers will be misplaced; and communications with others will be confused and misunderstood. Plus people from our past will pop up into our lives. "Boris?" "Natasha!"

Use Mercury retrograde times to finish things, study the past, do research and reflect. But do not open a business or begin new projects then. Mercury retrograde is also a bad time to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones.

The dates below are the actual retrograde dates plus the buffer times. This is because Mercury starts to slow down before it goes retrograde. Then afterwards, it needs more time to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde.

The craziness (delays and errors) is most pronounced during the actual retrograde time. However, if you are buying a big ticket item like a car or a computer, I recommend that you play it safe and avoid these purchases in the buffer times as well. You'll be glad you did.

December 19 - January 8 (Buffer times: December 2016 to - January 28)
April 9 - May 3 (Buffer times: April 1 - May 21)
August 13 - September 5 (Buffer times: July 30 - September 20)
December 3 - December 23 (Buffer times: November 26 - January 11, 2018)

Lucky Days for 2017

  • January 2, 3, 29, 30, 31
  • February 2, 26
  • March 25, 26
  • April 22, 23
  • May 19, 20
  • June 15, 16, 17
  • July 12, 13, 14
  • August 9, 10
  • September 5, 6
  • October 29, 30, 31
  • November 26, 27
  • December 23, 24, 25

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Ron Howard 1954
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Neneh Cherry 1964
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