"Greetings and death to our enemies!"

Dan Aykroyd (July 1, 1952)

We All Have a Past

This forecast begins with highlights of your past because if what I say about your past rings true, then you can trust what I say about your future.

The year 1999 was fortunate for you because lucky, moneybags Jupiter was at the top of your chart for 12 months. This meant that you had a chance to put your name up in lights because this was a time when others saw what you could really do. Your career, status and reputation looked good, which is why many of you got a promotion at work or some kind of public recognition. Others might have graduated or done something to make them feel proud. If you chose this fortunate time to switch careers, you probably explored new opportunities in medicine, healing, the law, higher education or travel.

In the year 2001, two strong and different influences began. In July that year, lucky Jupiter entered your sign for the first time since 1990. (Every 12 years, Jupiter lines up with your sign and stays there for a year bringing you good fortune plus increased optimism.) During this year-long window of good fortune, it was easier to attract important people as well as favourable circumstances to you that ultimately benefited you. In addition, in that same year, you entered a two to three-year window where you began to let go of things because it was time for you to streamline your life. Ironically, Jupiter wanted to expand your world and Saturn wanted to shrink it. Whatchyagonnado?

Letting go is never easy for you because you are a pack rat. You hold onto things because you think you might need them. "I might use this one day." Even a square piece of black felt will give you pause - (little furry ones.) Nevertheless, from 2001- 2003, you gave up people, places, possessions, and for some of you, even countries. That's because you were beginning to get ready for a whole new path that would open up for you in 2003.

Therefore, 2003 (give or take a year) was a watershed time in your life. Mighty Saturn signaled that you were now beginning a 30-year journey of major practical and dramatic changes. This is why you saw change taking place in your life; or if you look back, you see that what you began then, lead to big changes later.

Fortunately, earnings were positive around 2003, and by 2005, you had marvellous opportunities to speculate in real estate; or to improve your home through buying and selling or by moving to a bigger or better home. This influence of enrichment might also have expanded your family through marriage, birth or adoption. Even your family relations improved and family members were more generous to each other. Vacations, romance and joy with children were possible in 2006. And once again, you had chances to improve your job in 2007.

From 2008 until 2010, many of you changed jobs or where you lived. And now, if you look back, you will see that by 2010-11, your life and your image changed enormously since 2002!

Jumping forward, Jupiter was in your sign once again in 2014, bringing you many positive opportunities.. In fact, by 2015, your assets increased either because of your earnings or ironically, a major expenditure. Recently, your primary objective has been to boost your earnings, and at the same time, try to discover what it is you really want to be when you grow up. Many of you have had increased responsibilities with children as well.

Last year, you began to work hard to show others what you could do. Fortunately, a sense of optimism pervaded much of your year, and this kept your spirits up. This is important because if you are happy - the rest of the family is happy, too.

And Here It Is ... 2017!

Wealth, Career and Reputation

In terms of your job and your career, this is a critical time for your development. You busted your buns last year and you will do so again this year; however, this year, you will start to see that your efforts are beginning to bear fruit. Even if you have not received recognition for your work - there's a glimmer. It will come. You will see a light at the end of the tunnel and it won't be a train.

What is happening now is that you are preparing for a debut in 2018. This is just one year away. (Time flies when you're unconscious.) Basically, since 2003, you reinvented yourself, and since 2010, you worked hard to establish yourself in what you want to do to make a living. So in the long run, from 2003 until this year is 14 years. And during this span of 14 years, you might say (figuratively speaking) that you have been under the table figuring out who you were and what to do. By next year, in 2018, you will jump on top of the table, and you will stay there for the next 14 years. When you are on top of the table, you are much more visible to the world! Your efforts and accomplishments will be noticed! Your earnings will be more visible, too. And naturally, your success will be more visible! (Does this room make me look fat?)

Therefore, it's important to know that this year, you are close to getting recognition for your efforts. For most people, this change is not going to happen at 11:05 PM on Thursday night. It will happen slowly and gradually as it gains momentum throughout the year. That is why 2017 is a time when you will begin to see that your efforts and ambitions are starting to bear fruit. But the big show will be in 2018. (All these dates can vary by a year or so depending on if you are an early Cancer or a late one.)

With this in mind, this is obviously a year to prepare for your debut I 2018. Ya think? That is the moment when you jump on top of the table, saying, "Hello world! Here I am!" Therefore, your primary responsibility with respect to your job and career is to put things in order. Even if you feel overwhelmed, and you probably will, it's important to get on top of your scene because in a year or so you will be even busier! But happy busy.

You might even say that your effectiveness as a human being is being tested right now. Can you handle everything on your plate? It's almost as if you are beta testing what you are about to make public. Go over the details in the same way that you would proofread something before it's released. Get your equipment in order. Get your paperwork in order this year. For that matter, get your health in order because your break away is coming around 2018. But it won't be overnight - it will be gradual. This means that this year you are bubbling to the top as it were, to a moment where you get some well-deserved recognition for your efforts. You can count on this.

Meanwhile, for the year 2017, one of the best ways that you can make money or turn a profit will be related to real estate. You have the best chance since 2006 to profit from any kind of real-estate deal. This is a wonderful chance for you and it is important to know this! You can make money by speculating in real estate as well as buying real estate for your own personal use. Do not underestimate this opportunity! This same influence can also make home businesses prosper because anything connected to your home and your real-estate holdings will expand and bring you increased wealth.

Another strong influence at play is that Uranus has been at the top of your chart since 2010. This has stirred up your relationship with bosses and VIPs. A worst-case scenario is a fall from power and authority. But Uranus also means you feel rebellious, independent and tempted to throw a job away so you can start off in a new direction. It also means that many of you will speak out against bosses and employers if you have felt repressed. That's because Uranus calls for radical change in your professional life, especially a change that frees you.

Regardless of what you have undergone recently, the presence of Uranus at the top of your chart means that you have to know what you're doing. You have to know how happy or not you feel in your job. And you have to know that you need to initiate changes that need to be done rather than waiting for the shoe to drop or lightning to strike. Uranus wants you to move to the kind of work you really want to do. Remember: That which must be done eventually is best done immediately.

There are times in our lives when we have no choice but to take a certain job and slog through it. But this year you have a choice. You have a choice of going out in the world and making dramatic changes or deciding that you want to put down roots, so that you have a real sense of belonging to some place. That's because this is a year where you will start to feel secure about your world. About time!

Romance and Relationships

Since 2009, Pluto has been opposite your sign. It will stay there for eight more years. This is the only time this will happen you in your life. Some people never have this influence because Pluto takes 250 years to go through all 12 signs. It is what it is. This means that since the 70s, the only signs that have experienced this are Aries, Taurus, Gemini and now Cancer. (Eight years from now, Leos will start to experience this.) It's pretty rare!

When Pluto is opposite your sign, it profoundly transforms and changes marriage and close relationships. It can force the two of you into a crisis position where you need to redefine your entire relationship because it has a tendency to release long hidden tensions that were never before discussed. (Not that again!) If you are in a relationship and you are operating a lot on hunches and compulsions, you will be surprised at what comes up! This is a bad time for power struggles because they will quickly become nasty and destructive. If you try something dirty or underhanded - your partner will respond with every trick in the book.

The main lesson to learn when Pluto is opposite your sign is that you need to stop blaming others for what happens. Instead, you have to recognize that a lot of your problems are triggered by subtle unconscious cues on your part. Oh yeah. (It's hard having to smell the coffee.)

Married relationships and relationships of those who live together will definitely improve this year. No question. The same influence that brings you real-estate opportunities and a chance to live in a bigger, better home is the influence that will improve relations with your partner. (Whew!) You will feel more generous and open to others and they will respond to you in the same way. I repeat: This increased generosity and optimism will permeate existing marriages and partnerships where couples live together.

In matters of romance, flirtations, love affairs and blossoming new relationships - at the end of 2017, you will have the best opportunities to explore exciting new romance that you have had since 2006! (Don't go out without a rose clenched between your teeth.) In the autumn of 2017, lucky Jupiter will enter the part of your chart that encompasses fun, pleasure and romance; and it will totally magnify your ability to encounter new romance. Yeehaw! Along with this, it will also magnify your ability to enjoy an existing romance. You might meet someone new from a radically different background or from a different country. Basically this is because new relationships that begin at the end of this year will expand your world and teach you more than you ever dreamed was possible.

Home, Family and Real Estate

Oh boy! Here is the good news. The part of your chart that lucky Jupiter is travelling through for most of 2017 is all about home, family, real estate and your private, personal life. Jupiter always represents expansion, enjoy and wealth - and this is exactly what you can expect when it comes to your home and your real-estate situation. For example, if you are renting, this is your best chance in 12 years to buy a home. Do everything in your power to try to buy a patch of land somehow. Whatever you buy will turn out to be a profitable situation for you even immediately and most certainly in the future. Do not take this prediction lightly. One of the most dramatic things I have always observed is that when Jupiter travels through the Fourth House of anyone, they can almost magically improve their home and real-estate situation. Dream big! Expect the impossible! Admittedly, the prices of homes in some cities, especially Vancouver, are out of sight. So if you cannot buy a home, nevertheless, you will either rent something bigger and better or something will change where you live so that you do feel more affluent. You will enjoy your home more. You will love where you live. Your home will feel bigger and better for some reason.

If you are already own real estate, paying a mortgage, this is your best chance to buy and sell and improve your home. You might buy or sell your own home; or you might buy for speculation. Either way, you will benefit enormously. Whatever you do will bring you immediate benefit and then most definitely - greater wealth in the future. I cannot stress what a wonderful opportunity this is. Do not ignore it. And if you do not buy or sell, you will renovate or expand your current home so that you too, feel that you are in bigger, better, more affluent digs. The bottom line is that you will enjoy your home more!

This same beneficial influence applies to your family. In other words, relations between family members will be better than they have been in over a decade. They will be warmer, kinder and more caring. Family members will be more generous to each other. I wouldn't go so far as to say your kids will take the garbage out, but close. (One can only hope.)

Highlights of 2017 Month by Month


You already feel the benefits of Jupiter making your home life more pleasant. And this month in particular, the Sun will be directly opposite your sign. Symbolically speaking, this means it is as far away from you as it ever gets throughout the year; and since the Sun is your source of energy, you will need more sleep. Just accept this and go to bed. You will also focus more on close friendships and partnerships. And you will have an opportunity to observe your own style of relating to others. Specifically, if you are honest in your observations, you might see how to improve these relationships.


Travel appeals to you this month, especially travel for pleasure. This is also a favourable month to explore opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. It's also a good time to write and study and take courses. Expect to focus on shared property issues and anything to do with bills, taxes, inheritances and debt.


Your urge to travel is strong now! You might capitalize on plans you started to make last month. Basically, you want to do something to broaden your horizons. You want to break free of the confines of your crib. Relations with bosses and authority figures are very smooth. Since you are also ambitious, you might finagle a raise.


This is a beneficial, powerful month for you - no question. The Sun is at the top of your chart shining down on you like a spotlight. And this light is flattering! This means bosses, parents, teachers and VIPs see you in such positive terms, and you might get what you want. Demand the advantage!


Friendships will be important to you this month. It's a good month to make new friends and enjoy existing friends. You will also be more active with clubs, groups and associations. Now is the time to share your hopes and dreams for the future with others because their feedback will help you. In fact, all your interactions with others will help you.


Because your personal year (birthday to birthday) is coming to an end now, this is the perfect time to plan and strategize what you want for your new year ahead. There's a difference between living your life day-to-day sort of Management by Crisis versus living your life according to some defined goals with deadlines. If you define some goals, with deadlines, you will accomplish much more! (Do I practice what I preach? Not really.)


Now the Sun is in your sign for four weeks; and this is the only time this occurs all year. When this happens, you are empowered. Quite literally, you have a chance to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year. It will also (almost by magic) attract opportunities to you as well as important people to you. Make the most of these opportunities because it's a once-in-a-year thing. Mars is in your sign as well, which makes you aggressive and proactive. Go, go, go!


This is a great month for you to buy wardrobe items. This is also a good month for you to work hard to boost your income or figure out ways to make money on the side. You are focused on cash flow and earnings now. You are also focused on your own possessions - cleaning, maintaining and repairing them. "The King was in his counting house counting out his money."


Fasten your seatbelts because this is a busy month! The pace of your days will accelerate because you have a jam-packed schedule probably due to several short trips, increased reading and writing plus an ambitious To Do errand list. On top of this, you're talking to everyone! (Gasp.)


Now your attention turns to home, family and your private life. Some of you will be involved with family issues. Some of you will be focused on real-estate issues. (Fingers crossed.) Others will want to cocoon at home and catch their breath. Nevertheless, your communication style is direct and smooth!


It's playtime! It's your month to party, take vacations, flirt, be prankish and playful, and also find ways to express your creative talents. Not only will you enjoy schmoozing with everyone, you will enjoy activities with children as well. New romance will flourish! Many of you will be on a redecorating kick or doing renovations.


Although Jupiter will now start to bring you opportunities for romance, vacations and living the good life, basically, this is your month to work hard. Not only will you work hard, you have an inner desire to get better organized. You want to feel like you are in control of your life. You want a place for everything, and everything in its place. (No floaters, please.)

A Sneak Peek Beyond

The year 2018 is the perfect year for vacations, love affairs, romance, artistic activities, playful times with children, financial speculation plus parties and schmoozing! It offers you the best chance that you have had in over a decade to just enjoy life. The following year in 2019, you have marvellous opportunities to improve your job or get a better job. (Admittedly, partnerships and marriages will feel tension.) Gifts, goodies and inheritances will come to you in 2021; and in the following year, 2020, you have grand opportunities to travel! Really travel. By 2023, your reputation shines because this is your chance to put your name up in lights. Many of you will graduate or get kudos, promotions and acknowledgement for your past activities. This lays the groundwork for a truly rewarding time in 2025-26, which is your time of harvest. This is when you see what is working in your life and what is not. It's a time when you are empowered and things will tend to go your way. Traditionally, it's a time of great achievement - and we're talking about the kind of recognition that one gets every 30 years. Major stuff

Your Cancer Mantra for 2017

"My home and family will be richer and happier."

Mercury Retrograde in 2017

Mercury retrograde occurs three times a year. This is when Mercury appears to go backwards in relation to planet Earth. (In reality Mercury always moves forward.) During these so-called retrograde times, the areas that Mercury has domain over inexplicably suffer from errors and delays. The errors are small but frustrating!

Mercury is the symbol of everything that moves forward:

  1. all forms of ground transportation, (cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, taxis, trains)
  2. the mail, parcels, packages (Post Office and Courier and Delivery Services)
  3. communications -- email, social media, phone calls, conversations
  4. daily living (the people we encounter, the items we deal with, the transactions we make and how we relate to others.)

During Mercury retrograde, all the areas under the rulership of Mercury tend to go "backwards." (They certainly have trouble going forwards!) This is why we can expect transportation delays, missed buses and car breakdowns. Mail will be late or lost, daily items that we handle like keys and papers will be misplaced; and communications with others will be confused and misunderstood. Plus people from our past will pop up into our lives. "Boris?" "Natasha!"

Use Mercury retrograde times to finish things, study the past, do research and reflect. But do not open a business or begin new projects then. Mercury retrograde is also a bad time to buy cars, trucks, bikes, computers, printers and phones.

The dates below are the actual retrograde dates plus the buffer times. This is because Mercury starts to slow down before it goes retrograde. Then afterwards, it needs more time to catch up to where it was at when it first went retrograde.

The craziness (delays and errors) is most pronounced during the actual retrograde time. However, if you are buying a big ticket item like a car or a computer, I recommend that you play it safe and avoid these purchases in the buffer times as well. You'll be glad you did.

December 19 - January 8 (Buffer times: December 2016 to - January 28)
April 9 - May 3 (Buffer times: April 1 - May 21)
August 13 - September 5 (Buffer times: July 30 - September 20)
December 3 - December 23 (Buffer times: November 26 - January 11, 2018)

Lucky Days for 2017

  • January 11, 12
  • February 7, 8
  • March 6, 7
  • April 1, 2, 28, 29
  • May 1, 27, 28
  • June 24, 25
  • July 21, 22
  • August 18, 19
  • September 12, 15
  • October 11, 12
  • November 7, 8
  • December 5, 6

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