Hello Georgia,

I was wondering if mercury retrograde can make a person more clumsy. I have been dropping things and spilling things left, right and centre. Also, could the retrograde affect physical ailments.

Thank-you in advance

Hi A.K. -- Yes it can! It makes you verbally clumsy, physically clumsy and mentally clumsy!

Why? Mercury rules how we talk, think, speak and communicate. It also rules all forms of ground transportation. Mercury is also the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Gemini rules the hands, the arms and the lungs. Virgo rules the intestines.

This is why verbally, things get mixed up, although sometimes they're mixed up in a beneficial way because situations from the past emerge, which can bring closure to something or a deeper understanding. You might even find something that you lost before. Of course, this "looping backwards" can also delay things as well!

And yes, the hands are most definitely related to Mercury.

Mercury retrograde is definitely associated with errors in speech, planning, driving, and physically it would apply to errors with the hands.

All good things,
love Georgia