Hi Georgia

I am not sure about my relationship with a guy


Dear H. Join the club - we number millions. But without question - nothing makes anyone (including me) turn to astrology books or start studying their chart like being in a relationship with someone, especially at the beginning.

It's laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.

I think very few people are really sure about their relationships. Mainly because no relationship is perfect - and so when it hurts - you wonder why am I here?

Every relationship is bound have a downside, just like every family has its negative moments - without question.

Basically I think it comes down to how you feel when you're in the relationship. It's sort of a numbers game. If for the most part, you feel happy to be with this person and you also like who you are when you're with this person - then I would say it's working. However, if the painful parts add up to more than the fun parts - then why stay in it?

Of course, we are creatures of habit. And even more than that, we are often a fearful of change - in fact, so fearful that we are willing to stay in something that is uncomfortable rather than risk the unknown.

Ain't it the truth?

Good luck!