It was a pleasure to see you on TV lately, and as a Virgo we have in common to have Big rings on our index finger.

Thanks for the good and pleasant forecast for this week.

Happy New Year

Dear J.

What a sweet note! Thank you! I think the reason for the index rings is most likely the progressed Scorpio... and Scorpio rules jewelry - as you will know if you have my book (shameless plug.)

(I have a lot of Virgo in my chart but I am not a Virgo, I am a Leo.)

For example, a Virgo born Sept 15 becomes a progressed Scorpio when they are about 38 years old, and they will be a progressed Scorpio until they are almost 70 years old. You will always be a Virgo - but you will have a Scorpio shading, if you will. Like a colour gel on a photo. And an interest in jewelry is definitely one of the clues for Scorpio.