Dear Georgia

Writing a quality book is a huge endeavour. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the time to create You and Your Future.

I just purchased your book yesterday, and I felt compelled to read your chapter on How To Be A Happier Capricorn first. (I should mention that I am one of those people who always reads a book from start to finish.) I was totally amazed you nailed it perfectly. Everything you wrote about my childhood was completely right on. (It felt like you had been a witness to my childhood, and had written those words just for me.) The value I received from those few pages was well worth the cost of the book.

Your wisdom, your humour, and your ability to simplify the complex everyday difficulties we face each day are extraordinary. (I always start my morning reading all of the signs in your column, so I can have a snapshot of the lay of the land for the day.) Your column gives me an edge and I get to start my day with a giggle or two so thank you for that as well.

Well done and thank you for all your contributions. (You definitely are one of those add to the pot people.)

Take care