Dear Georgia,

I'm just curious about how to use a horoscope; do you read it prior to your day and take it into consideration as your day progresses, or is it more retrospective reflection, once the day is through? do you actually try and 'beat' the forecast for the day, ie - if the day is going to be an emotional, grumpy day, do you try and challenge that by being happy, or do you accept that it might be a bit of a downer? it seems like a bit of a catch 22... i have an interest in astrology/numerology... but i am not a fatalist... how do i reconcile that?? i am just trying to have the most fun with my horoscope is all!


Dear S.,

Good question! I can only tell you what I would do. I would want to read my horoscope ahead of time - to "prepare" for that day. If it says it's going to be a bummer day, I lower my expectations and kind of "expect' the worst - but more than that I slow down a bit. I allow more time for things. I try to be more patient to counteract the "energy" - and this way, my day is not so bad. Or - if it does turn out to be a bummer day, I am more resigned to accept it instead of lamenting it. ("Hmmm, so it was a bad day!")

And of course I do not shop for anything other than food during the Moon Alerts. And I would not buy a car or a computer during a Mercury retrograde.

As for being a fatalist... I know this sounds curious but I do not believe the stars and planets are causal. They do not make anything happen. They are just a language that an astrologer can "read" to see trends.... You say you are not a fatalist but some things ARE determined, no? For example, the 24 hour cycle of day/night, day/night is predictable. Furthermore, you will die - I will die - no one is getting out of here alive. So from that POV some things are predictable.