Hi Georgia,

I love getting your weekly horoscope, it kinda prepares me for what's ahead. The thing I have been most interested in is, Karma. I totally believe we all have it. The reason I say this is because I have gone back in my life where I wasn't exactly good, as a kid or in my early years and what I've noticed is, what you do negatively will come back 10 fold as Karma. I also think once a person has paid for their misgivings, they get to have good Karma. I want to know what you think of this and am I right.

I have a close family member who is going through their bad Karma right now and I have looked back at their life and I can see exactly why this is happening to them. This person's partner is having bad Karma too because of their past.

Thank-you for your time,
~Cheers~ S.

Dear S.

Thanks for your note. I decided to answer you on my website because I think this is something a lot of people wonder about. I can only give you my own personal take on what I think karma is -- but I certainly do believe in karma!

To begin with, the word karma in Sanskrit simply means "activity". Therefore, the law of karma, is the law of activity. This means it really explains how all the activity we are involved in actually works. By activity, this includes obviously our deeds and our actions, but I think it also includes our mental and verbal activity as well.

I think it's a mistake to view karma as something "out there" that either will "get you", or even something out there that is "keeping score."

This is how I look at Karma or the law of activity. I believe our minds and our thoughts create our world. Let me give you an example. (This example is going to be extreme so that it is easy to see what I'm talking about.) Let's say that a person is alarmed by crime or violence. The fear in his person grows and they decide they have to get a gun. Then they think "I must keep a gun in the bedroom in case something happens when I'm sleeping." Then they might think, "I should also have a gun in my car." The "I should also have a gun in my living room for when I'm watching TV", and maybe "I should have a gun in the kitchen as well because who knows I could be trapped there?" And "maybe I should've a gun at work? Maybe I should you keep a gun in my bathroom?"

Now you can see what happens when a person's thoughts get hold of them. We are talking about fearful and anxious thoughts, and a person becoming obsessed with having guns around them. It's pretty obvious how these thoughts lead to a whole different world for this person. Imagine if somebody was living with guns all around them, anything could happen. Accidents could happen. They're aware of these guns and their so-called need for these guns, makes this person constantly fearful, and distrustful of others. And once you become distrustful of others and look for reasons to distrust people -- you will find them! Soon this person is living in a lonely, fearful world, with a very strong focus on violence either trying to stop violence or inadvertently creating it or attracting it!

This is just an example of karma. What this person thinks about slowly becomes this person's world.

Our thoughts, our words, and our actions create our reality. This is how I view Karma. But I suppose it is most simplistic way, it is not inaccurate to say that if your thoughts, words, and deeds are loving and kind -- this will lead to a happier, kinder, more trusting world for you. And if your thoughts, words, and deeds are dishonest, fearful, insensitive and rude - then this is the kind of world you are creating for yourself. That's how I believe karma works.

Having said that, I also know what you mean. I too, have looked out at others, and observed how their actions have totally -- shockingly -- led to repercussions that they virtually created. I think it is harder to see our own karma at work. It's much easier to see it working in other people.

All good things,


p.s. Karma is like gardening. You plant daisies - you get daisies. You plant onions you get onions. It is all about planting seeds. Seed and result. Cause and effect.