Good morning Georgia,

As usual you are informative and entertaining. Thank you!

I have a question about people born on February 29. On non-Leap Year years which birthday message should they heed, February 28 or March 1? And do you consider these people unique astrologically speaking? I'm curious about your opinion.

Thank you again.

K. N.

Dear K.N.

I have always been personally confounded by the Leap Year process.

However, think of it this way: if you could see an ephemeris, which shows you where the planets are all the time (the degree they are at etc) - it looks like a tide chart. Except a tide chart is just for the Moon, whereas an ephemeris is for all the planets.

It is just a mathematical progression of an ongoing moving conveyor belt. Ah yes, we are born - we live - and then we die.

So in that respect, there is no doubt about your planets, and your chart. But when it comes to those years when your birthday disappears - horrors! What happened?

I would read March 1, because we know you were not born on Feb 28, correct?

But this is what I really want to tell you, and I think it will be comforting to know. The truth is no one really knows which birthday to celebrate! Ah ha! You are not alone.

As you well know, our Gregorian calendar does not line up neatly with the heavens, which is why we have a Leap Year. So no matter what day of any year you were born, each year your "true birthday" might be the day before your birthday, or on your birthday, or the day afterward.

This is because your "true birthday" is when the Sun lines up to the exact same degree it was at when you were born.

This means that you are in the same boat as everyone else - or rather, everyone is in the same boat as a Leap Year birthday person like you.

If you tell me the time of day, and year, and place when you were born, I will tell you when your true birthday is.

(On the years when my birthday is the day before or day after my birthday, I think "Yay!! I have two birthdays!!" And I celebrate all week.