Dear Georgia

When you talk about horoscopes it always pertains more to adult living. How do you follow it for young children born under the signs. Thanks P.

Dear P.,

Good question.

When one uses astrology for information or self knowledge or guidance about how to make decisions, there are two distinct approaches: horoscopes versus the study of your chart.

A horoscope (in the newspaper or elsewhere) is generally predictive... commenting on what you can or might do (or not.) But your chart is a description of you. It is more static.

Since children do not control their lives (their parents do), their horoscopes generally do not apply to them. But their chart will certainly apply! Your horoscope will only be of value to you once you have autonomy over your own life to make decisions.

However, if you look at the chart of even a baby -you can learn characteristics of that child and biases, and preferences and talents and even what might happen to them. I can think of one baby who had quite a few planets in the Fourth House indicating a loving home scene, and a strong connection with home and family. However, Uranus was there showing the child felt his home life was nerve wracking and unsettled. I could never understand this until his parents divorced, and he started to share two homes - going back and forth, and back and forth each week.

Hope this answers your question.