Hi Georgia:

I had a reading from you many years ago and everything you said would happen did happen.

I had an affair with my boss like you said I would and of course I have not heard from him in years but have always felt it wasn't over yet.

I would like to find out if I'm right about this. My birthday is xxxxx1960 and his is xxxxx. How can I get a reading by you?

I saw you when you used to come over and visit your Mom in Victoria You are very accurate and a lot of fun.


Dear Wondering,

I remember your name. Oh dear - it all did happen.

Unfortunately, I stopped doing readings several years ago because I simply have no time. So I am not able to help you. But my gut reaction is to tell you to move on.

I am sure you had a wonderful time, and still carry a torch for him, and hope for something in the future. But for your own future happiness, you have to let go of him. (I think.)

You won't find someone like him again. Whatever magic you had together will probably not be duplicated. (I think this is what stops people from exploring new relationships.)

I think your best chance to be happy is to be open to new kinds of relationships. Don't try to grab the past magic - (I know whereof I speak) - instead, discover new joys and blessings with people that are different.

There are many "you's". You love being with someone who makes you like how you feel when you are with them. But you can feel wonderful in many different ways, right?

Sometimes a relationship is totally mind-blowing sex, and so romantic you think you're the starring role of a movie. (Yes!) But this same relationship might not give you the steady, loving support you need in other ways.

Relationships are like food. It's fun to have delicious, rich, orgasmic desserts; but you cannot live on this alone. There are other kinds of relationships that are wonderfully rewarding as well.

And another thing. You are changing. We all have a progressed chart. In the last two years, I have become a double Scorpio and I am shocked at how assertive and bitchy I can be! Little ole' moi?

As you change, you will have different chemistry with different kinds of people. I think you will be happier if you forget this past affair - and remain open and accepting to whatever comes your way in the present moment.

You know the saying about when the student is ready - the teacher will appear. I think this applies to relationships as well. Why not broaden your focus?

All best!