Hello Georgia,

Thanks for offering a great weekly horoscope... I read your words each week in Monday Magazine in Victoria, BC.

I have one question for you...

I am a Capricorn and for the past few years (maybe even forever), I have been reading that this is a time of preparation and soon all my hard work will pay off or I will receive recognition or other things... I can relate to that as I have always felt like something big is just around the corner... something is about to happen... something that I have been preparing for...

But this feeling has been lingering for a long time... so my question is... what the #@$%? When is this time of "preparation" going to end? What's around the corner?

Any words of wisdom?


Dear G.

I completely understand your question. Capricorns, more than any other sign, have a sense of destiny. From kindergarten on, (maybe earlier!) they are waiting for their destiny to take place. Capricorns have a sense of wanting to "be" someone. Status and respect are important!

This time of success, a career peak if you will, is almost within your grasp. For your particular birthday, this time of harvest will begin in the late summer of 2010. But do remember that it is a time of harvest, which means that where you planted well -- you will have success; and where you planted not so well, you might have a crop failure!

Fear not, this is generally regarded as a time when things you have wanted to happen finally materialize in your life. It is a time when you can feel proud of yourself.

Naturally, this means that until then (roughly one year) it is a time of important preparation for you. The harder you work now -- the greater your success will be next September and beyond.