Hello Georgia:

I remember you saying that one should read first one's rising sign advice. I noticed that often what is appropriate for mine (Libra) seems opposed to what's recommended for my Sun sign (Virgo). Is this the case for whoever has his/her Sun and rising signs immediately following each other? For example, now that we enter the sign of the Virgo the advice is to "hide somewhere" for the Librans but "to put yourself first" for Virgo-borns.

Fact of the matter, I often feel pulled in very opposite directions. Do I need to wait for my next life to enjoy a more focused ride?

Mind you, I quite appreciate my lot despite it all. Something the daily nuggets of vitamin W found in your column contribute to. (W stands for wisdom)

JL :)

Dear JL;

How nice to hear from you! I hope you are well.....

You have perfectly described how the situation can be. In truth, we have more than two cycles flowing through our lives. There are cycles within cycles within cycles. And also - our lives are full of contradictions.

Nothing moves forward in a linear two-dimensional way in the three-dimensional world.

Yes - sometimes we need to hide; yet we are pulled out into the world with family obligations, work or social occasions. Nevertheless, always read both the Rising Sign and your Sun Sign; and just acknowledge that they both somehow apply even if they contradict each other.

And one does not negate the other. They both co-exist. Sometimes we feel "lonely" in a crowd. Sometimes we enjoy a time of professional success; but at home, things are not good.

This is why it is important to maintain a core within us - our state of mind if you will - that is calm and steady. If we are relatively free from agitation within, then contradictions and conflicting events in our external world will be easier to handle.

What matters far more - is what is going on "inside" our minds. Even pausing to look up at the sky, or stopping to count eleven breaths can help to centre ourselves.

Forgive me if I sound too preachy here...