Hello Georgia,

I am a fan of yours. I have some questions about 2009. 2009 sux for me: im going thru a 3 yr long divorce, my sister died in jan 2008 n im still trying to get over it, my best friend who i love more than anything lost her job then because we both worked there didnt want to have anything to do with me anymore! so she left my life. my kids are on the east coast working and im on the west coast. Is 2009 gonna get better for me? Im a sagittarius, born nov 30, 1960 I dont know what birth time was. And im in love with a guy that could care less that I exist! Is there any hope for happiness? I try to stay up, but its difficult to keep cheery by yourself too long.

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Dear iPhone,

Well, you certainly do sound bummed out. I am sorry for all that has happened to you lately. The loss of your sister is very sad. That your friend would leave you at such a time of need makes me question how much she really was your friend.

Don't waste time on a guy who is not into you - life is too short for that... other men are waiting to meet someone. (You might explore on line stuff?)

Right now you are able to call the shots about what you want to do in your life.

Are you close to your children? If they are on the East Coast - why not join them there? I do see that next year is a warm, loving time for family in your life - and it is also the best year in 12 years for you to profit from real estate deals. (all of 2010). I think you shud think about how to enjoy the closeness of your family more - especially since you are dealing with so many unfavourable things by yourself out here.

At this point, in your life you will be able to steer your life how you want it to go - because now you see what is working and what is not.

Do not dwell on what is not working. Don't think of it as failure or anything... just move on and chalk it all up to experience.

Good luck....