Hello my name is N. I was wondering if you could please help me. I'm a Aries Born March xx 1963. Never had love from mother Father was a hard man. Failed at 3 relationships never really been loved. Last relationship was a Cancer. I miss him so, but lied and cheated on me. Says he loves and misses me . PLEASE help me I'm so tried of not feeling loved. Thank you very much.

Dear N.

I do not have any cures for unhappiness or magic spells for how to be loved. However, I do think you have far greater control over loving rather than being loved.

We are verbs - not nouns. What we do defines us.

If you find others to love, I am sure your happiness will hugely increase. In turn, once you begin to love others, this will change your demeanor, your attitude to the world, and the way in which you greet others and talk to people every day. There will be more love in you radiating outward to others in the world.

Furthermore, this more loving way of being will attract people to you because everyone wants to be around someone who is loving, kind and happy. Right?

When others are attracted to you, this will increase your chances of meeting someone you love and who loves you in return.

With respect to the last person you were with - the man you miss and who misses you - this is a hard call.

On one hand, many would say if you get back together with him, it is likely that he will cheat on you again in the future. But then again - maybe not. As we get older, things change and hopefully, wisdom increases.

Today I am going to a funeral of a friend. And another dear friend is in a coma in the hospital. Life is totally unpredictable. We never know how long we have to live or how long the quality of our life will remain the same. Life is short (and fat).

If you both miss each other - you might consider giving this relationship another try. Life is full of strange circumstances where friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Everything is constantly changing.

Look for someone to love. Think less about finding someone to love you. That's what I think.....

All good things,