Clarification about Shopping According to the Moon Alert versus Shopping according to Mercury Retrograde.

Yes -- this is confusing. But here is the skinny:

Every two one half days, the Moon goes through special phase that's fuzzy. Generally speaking, whatever we initiate during those times will not come to fruition - it will not fulfill our objective. So if we buy something, the chances are high it won't turn out the way we hope. This applies to minor purchases or huge purchases.

I mention these times in the Moon Alerts at the top of my daily column. They're not a total write-off. They're great times to party or goof off or be creative.

Meanwhile, back at the auto repair shop, the planet Mercury goes retrograde about three times every year. Mercury rules everything that goes forward (except aviation): communications, mail, parcels and ground transportation. When it's Mercury Retrograde, it's a poor time to buy whatever Mercury rules - i.e. communications and ground transportation (phones, computers, faxes, printers and definitely cars, trucks and bikes.)

However, if you watch the Moon Alert on a daily basis, you can buy things like clothing, household items, and many appliances etc. at any time, even during Mercury retrograde.

To summarize: when it comes to shopping -- Mercury retrograde advises WHAT not to buy (cars, trucks, phones, computers.)

The Moon Alert advises WHEN not to buy. (During those times don't buy anything except food.)

This means you could buy clothing or furniture during Mercury retrograde as long as you keep an eye on the Moon Alert. I hope this sheds further light on everything.