Hi Georgia,

I want to ask a question that you may find odd but what should we base our future plans on, the economic crisis or our horoscopes? We are hoping to buy a house soon, or win one, which ever comes first (just al ittle humor) but I'd love to win one. I am an Aquarius and my birthday is Jan 26th. I wish I knew the time of birth but I was adopted and all I have found out is my birth mom was in labor for 11 hrs.

Anyway do you see anything great coming in my future or are things going to go south?

I love reading your column and I find a lot of times my horoscope matches my day, weird huh.

Thanks for everything you do,
S. L.

Dear S. L.

Thanks for your note. Glad you enjoy the columns. First of all - astrology can really help you if you know your chart and make decisions according to certain things. Definitely do not buy ground transportation or computers of phones or open a business in Mercury retrograde (all this month) for example.

Mercury retrograde times occur about three times a year. This year they are: most of January; all of May; most of Sept and the last week of December. (Actually four times this year, sort of.)

(To be safe, you need to allow several weeks after the retrograde to allow Mercury to catch up to where it was when it first went backwards- so in a way, the times are even longer than stated above.)

For example - right now Mercury is retrograde from May 11 to June 1. However, not until June 17 does Mercury return to the degree it was at when it first went retrograde on May 11. And for that matter, about a week before May 11, it started to slow down! This is all in relation to planet Earth.

When this happens, mostly, we just suffer from delays in public transportation or our own vehicles break down or we make lots of silly errors and mistakes.

I bought a car once about a week before Mercury went retrograde (it was a second hand convertible and I wanted it very much and tried to tell myself that Mercury wasn't "really" retrograde yet....) Can I kid myself? You betcha!

Well, I loved that car - but it leaked in the rain and I also got soaked when I traded it in. Not an ideal situation! The person lied to me about it (I bought it from an out of town guy who promptly changed his cell phone number. (He saw me coming.)

And definitely do not buy things other than food during the Moon Alert times at the top of my daily column.

These are relatively easy rules to follow. However, in the bigger picture, astrology can tell you when it is a good time to buy or sell real estate; however, you can still buy or sell real estate at any other time, right?

Recently, both my sister and mother sold their homes. In my sister's chart - it was a good time to do real estate - and in my Mother's chart, that window did not exist. My sister sold her home to the first person who walked in the door and looked at it. And she got a really great deal in more ways than one!

My mother sold hers in a matter of weeks, after a dozen or so buyer looked at it, and I think she could have got a higher price, but she was glad to do the deal.

Astrology can tell you when to take advantage of something (really good time to act) or avoid doing something (really bad time to act) - but most of the time, it's just life as usual.

The big things I watch are the two I mentioned above. As for buying a house in this economy- this is a great time for first time buyers! Interest rates are low and the prices have dropped.

But winning a house is always best - you're right. (grin)

Good luck!