Dear Georgia.. wondering if you can give me any advice. I really enjoy your column and your sense of humor and I read your daily/ weekly horoscopes.. I was born November 10, 1950... yes. I am 58.. I have never been married and never reallly in a long term relationship.. Can you tell me at all if there is any chance of marriage or a good partnership anywhere in my short future? I have seen all my friends and coworkers and everyone over the years evolve in a life.of marriage/partnership ..but not me. I like where I live (in outdoorsy place). For years I hoped and hoped and was patient. then I start thinking something is wrong with me. I have tried to do things etc.. but I feel like it isnt in the this point I think I am resigned to living alone forever...

Well, this is very hard to say. You might have your Moon in Sagittarius, which gives you a strong streak of freedom and independence. (The Moon changes signs the day you were born and you did not give me a time of day.)

Nevertheless, I think it's a very personal thing about whether one seeks out relationships or not. I also believe it's up to the woman. Just like in the animal kingdom. We have to say yes. The guys are always ready.

It would appear that you are making the choice to lead the lifestyle you are leading. As I look at your chart, there is nothing to indicate that you could not have committed relationship with someone.

And sometimes these things can come about late in life -- CS Lewis is an example. He was single all his life and they got married in his early 60s. He wrote a book about it called Surprised by Joy. Not sure what the movie was called.

Sorry I can't be more help than this.

Good luck to you!!