Dear Georgia,

I have been forced to move and I am not happy. Will there be an opportunity or better time to try to fix this situation. Any words of advice would really help. My birthday is June 22, 1947.



Dear C.

I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy about this. But as you may recall, I have been telling Cancers that they are undergoing job and residential changes, even if they did not expect them (one or both). It's just what's happening.

Lucky Jupiter on the other hand, is giving you good luck about getting loans or mortgages or assistance from others... and next year, it promotes travel and educational or publishing opportunities. However, you will continue to work to establish a home you really want for the next few years.... that is what this stage in your life is all about.

This is very disturbing for most Cancer people. You like to be settled where you are; and you don't like giving up things. You like to be around familiar things.

I think your best approach is to accept what is happening, and make the best of it as quickly as you can. If you can't change what or where you are in - accept it and make it as beautiful and comfortable as you can.

But I can sympathize!

I recall living in a fabulous, waterfront cottage on an Island in a tiny community for four years and loving it. Then I was forced to move to the city. I can still remember my depression at feeling I was in a New York tenement - squished in ugly surroundings. One afternoon (during the first few weeks) I was overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness, regret, self-pity. It was so palpable that I can still vividly recall it right now. I can still see way the light came in the living room window that day. I can still "feel" it.

It was a down time for me. Because I resented the change I was forced to make -- and the loss of what was wonderful -- because of this, I was slow to really "claim" my new surroundings and make the most of them.

But the short story is that I stayed in that place for 13 years... (!) and I came to love it. (The truth!) I would have bet any money this would be impossible when I moved there - but it did happen.

A new and very sweet community developed in this "ugly" crowded place... and eventually, it was an exciting, vibrant home for me - for different reasons. Of course, it did not have the water front, cottage charm etc etc - but it became something else. And I came to love it. And when I later left it (it was torn down) - I felt loss and sadness at leaving it.

Trust me - your attitude to where you live is what really allows you to be happy there or not. I know this sounds like typical feel good advice - but that truly was my experience.

Good luck in reshaping your attitude about your new home as quickly as you can. Claim it as your "home". Make it the way you like.

Think less and less about what you left behind. Think more and more about what you can do to enjoy your new surroundings.

All good things