Dear Georgia,

Am curious to know more about this entering the age of Aquarius... Some enlightenment, please!

C. W.

Dear C.W.

For decades, there has been talk about the Age of Aquarius. The fact is this is a much debated point among astrologers.

To put it into perspective, let's look at the different Ages of planet Earth. Each Age is about 2000-2500 years. The entire cycle is almost 26000 years.

It is accepted that the Age of Pisces was from around the time of Christ to around now. But "now" is pretty vague! I have read some believe the Age of Aquarius began in 1400s. I don't agree. Others believe it begins as late as 2030. I also disagree.

I think to look at what Aquarius rules helps to determine when the energy of Aquarian Age began.

Aquarius is very much about the fraternity of humankind: the gathering together or collection of like minded individuals, generally for a higher cause -- the purpose of improving planet Earth. This is not always the case; but it's a pretty good generalization. So one thing to keep in mind is this notion of networking, which is very Aquarian.

Secondly, Aries rules computers and electronics and all kinds of scientific inventions. It also rules rocket technology, aviation and anything to do with space including astronomy and astrology.

Thirdly, Aquarius symbolizes rebellion against the status quo. It is always about a drive for freedom -- whether it is a collective freedom or the freedom of an individual. Hence, Aquarius is the driving force behind Greenpeace, Amnesty International and all labor unions.

I personally believe that the Age of Aquarius began in the last half of the 20th century. Perhaps the 60s; perhaps the 90s for the following reasons.

Although the computer was invented in the 1920s (maybe earlier?), it did not come into commercial use in a big way until the 1960s. That's when they had huge computer mainframes in temperature controlled rooms in modern corporations and factories.

The 60s was also a humongous leap into space with the first man into space who was Russian Astronaut Yuri Gagarin in 1961 - and then with US astronaut Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon in 1969.

The 60s also ushered in the hippie movement with its Flower Power for peace; as well as the anti-war movement to Viet Nam -- both of these typifying a strong Aquarian flavour.

And ironically, the 60s was the decade which chose to make the public even aware of the notion of an Age of Aquarius when James Rado and Gerome Ragni wrote the song the Age of Aquarius for Hair. (How cool was that?)

However, the ultimate "connection" was the Web and the Information Highway which suddenly wired the world and began educating all walks of life who could afford accesses to a computer in the 90s. The Internet made the planet a global village.

I don't think anyone can point to a single day and say - "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius." But I do believe it has arrived.