Hello G.

I'm looking for work. Is it better to wait for a new moon to apply, or can I apply now and wait for the new moon to accept.


Dear Scott,

Good question!

When you are looking for work, apply all the time. However, avoid the Moon Alert times that are at the top of my daily columns. This is crucial. In fact, very important. Do not apply during those times and do not accept a job during those times. Since they are so brief (but frequent!) it's pretty easy to say you will get back to a prospective employer the following morning etc etc.

It is true that beginning things at the New Moon and shortly after is wise. However, I think this is more important to heed when opening a new business, especially a restaurant.

My take on an your job application is this:

  1. If jobs are scarce - you have to be applying ALL the time.
  2. Sometimes an application is an extension of or even the "finishing" of other events and contacts and relationships. (Like following up on a hot tip from your brother-in-law.)

My very best wishes to your job hunting! I hope you find something you like.

All good things,