I read what you write so many times and whatever you say happens to me most of the time so I really need your advice now. Am very stressed. Am born Feb. 19. 1980. Please guide me. I have no friend to talk to. Am in love with a girl and she doesn't love me. I have never loved anybody like her so how can you assist me.

Thank you.

Oh my dear friend,

This is the worst. I know. I have been there. You cannot sleep and sometimes you cannot even eat. Love can be so painful but nothing more than unrequited love.

There is nothing you can do but accept this and suffer through it.

How long you choose to suffer is of course your choice. One day you will say - "enough."

The cause of your own suffering is not the girl. It is you. You have the power to be happy or not. It is like holding on to the handles of a very hot pot...right out of the oven.. Burning!!! Painful!!!

But all you have to do is let go. But you don't want to let go - hence you hold on and it hurts. Right?

But think about this: what do you have to let go of? You don't have the girl; so it is not her you must let go of. Is it?

I think it is your hopes of what might be or what might have been.... this is what you cannot let go. You are torturing yourself with your own hopes of what you want to be.

I hope you will let go soon because it is a waste of time. You need to open up your life again, and let in the possibility of meeting someone new. If you met this person, you can meet others. Logic dictates this.

Furthermore, I see that you have three important planets in your House of Marriage. You will definitely marry: it is a destiny factor in your chart.

This person might be older than you and from a different country .....in fact, in this lifetime, your greatest lessons will come to you through marriage.

Be good to yourself and do not hold on too long to this painful illusion. Wait until you meet a girl who loves you back as much as you love her. This will happen -- I guarantee it.

All good things