Hi Georgia

I've been a fan and avid reader since I first saw you in Monday Magazine here in Victoria. My question is about the rising sign. I've always heard it's the window through which you view the world, but that definition leaves me still scratching my head.

For example, I'm an early Cancer with Aquarius rising. How does the current Jupiter swing through Aquarius impact that?

I'd appreciate any input you have time to provide.



Dear C.

Your Rising Sign is actually the modus operandi that you adopted it as a child to survive in your family. It is the mask or persona that you unconsciously "took on" to defend yourself, or imitate a parent out of admiration, or to fit in with the family as easily as you could.

Therefore, the Rising Sign is your packaging -- it's your personality, the way you project yourself to the world. It's kind of how you move around the planet Earth. It definitely is an indication of your appearance, and your preferences and your lifestyle.

The Sun sign is more internal. It is more linked to your purpose and your motivation and your value system.

As a Cancer, you might be more of a homebody who values family and your home and your private life. But anyone who is Aquarius rising is highly individualistic, rebellious and independent!

The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, and Uranus rules electricity. Generally, Aquarius rising people have a lot of random electricity shooting around in them (we all have electric currents in our system) and because of this, they can often put out streetlights. Very frequently, wristwatches will stop after six months. Small appliances often break down around them. It's because they're full of a kind of wild, zappy energy.

This erratic energy pattern often shows up in your daily rhythm. For example, Aquarius types generally don't want to sleep when everybody else wants to sleep or they don't want to eat when everybody else wants to eat. Sometimes you go to bed at 9 p.m. and other times you go to bed at 4 a.m.

If you're allowed to go with the flow and live according to your own impulse, this is a good thing. i.e. eating and sleeping when you want. However, especially when you're young, you have to conform to the daily schedule around you. You have to go to bed at night and get up in the morning and have breakfast and go to school and all at sort of thing. Because you are then forcing your system to conform to everyone else's schedule, this can cause your electric currents to "backup" and as a result they seem to burst out in other ways through headaches or skin conditions -- rashes and eczema.

These problems can continue into adulthood. I know this is going to sound dubious but one of the ways to alleviate these skin conditions and headaches is by singing (whether or not you can carry a tune); and also by working with electronics. You might make CDs or change videos into DVDs or something like that. Even playing electronic musical instruments will help. It's as if the interaction with electrical hardware helps to ground you. Yeah, I know this sounds weird -- but I believe it to be true.

Hope this helps to answer your question somewhat.