With great respect I ask why do you tell about shopping and spending money? Are your stars worth money? I love your columns, my mother read them to me as a teen and I still read them today. Thank you very much for your frequently accurate interpretations.


Dear J.

I'm glad you asked this question. I'm not at a big shopper! I live on an island on four acres of trees with wood heat, and I'm home most of the time writing columns! (But don't get me wrong I love my goodies.)

The Moon Alert is the most important sentence in the entire column. I live by it and so does my family.

What it means is whatever you initiate during those warning times will tend not to fulfill its purpose. This means it's a very poor time to make important decisions -- and one of those decisions could be an outlay of money.

Even though I'm not pushing consumerism; nevertheless, I have millions of readers who are shopping every day (even if someone might only make a big purchase once every six months) -- it could be that day.

One day you might want to buy an overcoat, a TV set, a computer or a car or a house or a company. When that day comes I want you to be as protected as possible.

The warnings in the Moon Alert are about 80% accurate maybe even higher. If you buy something during those times, it will likely be lost, stolen, broken, ruined or it won't fit or you won't use it after one or two times.

This isn't a big deal if it just means a pair of shoes or a pair of pants stays in your closet unused. But what if it's a house? And for that matter, even if it's a pair of shoes -- why blow your money for nothing?

Therefore, I give this warning whenever the Moon is void-of-course, which happens to be every two one half days.

It doesn't mean I think people are out shopping everyday - but someone is. I avoid important decisions during those times. And with the exception of buying food, I would never would buy anything during those times.

Since I have to describe this whole process in one sentence - I'm hoping that people will get the drift when I say "important decisions" and "whether you spend $10 or ten million)".

Therefore, on the days when the coast is clear, I grant you, it sounds like I'm telling everyone to run out and shop.

That's not what I'm trying to say. I'm trying to give the daily update about warnings vis-a-vis spending your money or making important decisions.

I hope this clarifies things a bit more for you. Thanks for your note!

Happy shopping! (hee hee)