Blessings Georgia!

I always enjoy your writings and am grateful you do what you do...!

I'm wondering if you will share how you honor New Moons, as in, do you make a list of intentions, do you meditate on gratitude, do you run around naked...? Do tell!!!

Thanks so very much!


Dear C.

I never guessed that anyone knew I ran around naked... :)

(I'll be a bit more careful in the future. Curtains might help.)

I am aware of each New Moon and I treat it like Jan 1 each year. By that I mean I think about new intentions and resolutions to improve my life. However, in the case of the New Moon, I confine my intentions to improve myself to whatever "area" that particular New moon covers, which I generally mention in my columns.

Then I invariably forget my resolutions; but I don't beat myself up about that either. In other words, I gently try to improve but I'm lazy and forgetful. Nevertheless, I don't let that stop me from continuing to try....

And as the centuries go by - I think one does make a little headway in the right direction.

The key ingredient here is less what you do and more what you aspire to do. Motivation is everything.

All good things-