Hi Georgia:

It feels like I've been going through what my friends and I call the 'quarter life crisis' for a number of years now -- lots of transition, getting to know ourselves, understanding what's important, what we need to be happy and relating to others -- and I've recently heard that this is characteristic of Saturn Returning. I'm going to be 28 next May and things don't seem to be settling yet...I know progress is a non-linear path but sometimes I feel like I'm moving backwards.

Can you tell me more about Saturn Returning and how that affects life, stars, and chocolate consumption (to help with all the transition/growing pains)?

Thanks for doing what you do,


Dear J:

It's true you are approaching your first Saturn Return. Everyone goes through this two and a half year window from roughly ages 28 to 30 or ages 29 to 31. It can be a bummer - but only in a more dull, discouraging way.

And one often goes through something where you need to sign a legal document like getting married or having a child or getting divorced because Saturn rules the law courts.

But in the bigger picture, you will experience some kind of increased responsibility or a limiting situation so that you are forced to mature and grow up.

This is why according to astrology, you are not an adult until you are thirty - or to be more precise: you are not an adult until you have completed your first Saturn Return.

This is why people who are over thirty are different from people who are under thirty. This is also why when people of an age difference marry - if they are both over 30 - then 20 years might not really matter; but if one of them is under thirty - it is much more dicey. Capice?

I remember being 29 years old, the mother of 2 kids, living in a nice brick home in Chicago and looking out my front door one afternoon thinking - "So this is it. This is all there is. Every few years, perhaps a new car; maybe a cottage some day. But this is it - I see my whole life laid out before me."

It was very discouraging and disillusioning!

Of course, my life did not turn out that way at all. I moved back to Canada and later got a divorce and I have had a very exciting life. And still do! But as your Saturn Return approaches you feel very ho hum about it all.

Don't' worry. When it is over - you will feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders, and you will be more mature, more savvy and more clued in to how to live your life in a way that is more richly rewarding and happy for you.

Keep the faith - sistah!