Hi Georgia,

I'm just reading the forecast for the Librans since I'm a Libra born on the 11th of Oct 19xx. I've just lost my job after 14 months of outstanding work out of , I don't know if you believe this, Envy.

But what I'm wondering about is this. How am I going to fix my house because this is indeed one of my main concerns since I have no money to spare? I know the predictions are general but I lost my job so now I have to wait for something to happen regarding my property?

Unless miracles happen which I don't believe anymore. By saying that I do not want to sound pessimistic. More realistic.

What do you think? Is there something to look forward to?

Kind regards

Dear Libra:

Of course you have much to look forward to!

You are dejected and deflated now because it is super depressing to lose your job - especially if you excelled at it.

And yes - I believe you when you say envy. People are easily threatened by excellence if they cannot achieve it. And I am very sorry to hear that you have had this bad experience. But I think it is an obstacle blessing - i.e. something good will come of it.

However, better to be out of a bad situation! Ideally you want to work where others want the best for you.

If you were able to do your job so well that someone was envious of your success - then you can easily get another job where you will excel once again. Don't you agree? This is only logical. You are not a loser! You are a great job candidate.

So for starters - think about another job. When you are earning money again - you can introduce changes at home that cost money.

Until then - you can still make changes for the better at home by getting rid of clutter and going through closets and drawers and cupboards and recycling or selling or giving away things you don't use. These items are "weighing" you down.

You are very affected by your surroundings. (A Libran trait.) Once you know your drawers and cupboards are organized and neat - this energy will spill over into other areas at home. You can make a lot of improvements by cleaning, getting rid of what you don't need, and rearranging furniture. Money is not the only thing that makes a home feel better. Time, effort and ingenuity can go a long way as well!

Good luck!