Hi Georgia,

Is mercury retrograde all bad? I've heard that it can also be a good time to finish up old projects, do research, and reconnect with old friends.

Your columns are fabulous.

Best, D.

Dear D.

Thanks for the compliment. It's Monday morning and I need everything I can get. "More whiskey! And fresh horses for my men!"

You are absolutely right about Mercury retrograde. It is tougher to go forward with anything -- but going 'backwards' is easier! Therefore, finishing jobs that have already begun, doing research, studying history and "looking backwards" - perhaps through psychoanalysis or tripping down memory lane is easier.

If you travel, it is better to go someplace you have been to before.

Of course, despite the above, while you're doing things you'll still suffer from misplaced papers and goofy slip-ups; but these things will be minor. Your productivity and rate of success in finishing things or researching the past will far outweigh these hangnail problems.

What you start in the first 10 days of Sept might be finished quite speedily.

Good luck!