Hi Georgia,

I wonder if you could explain a bit about the full moon and why it has the effects that it does. By that I mean, why do tensions seem to increase in the build up and make everything more intense.

Thanks, I just love your columns -- both wise and witty, the perfect combination.


Dear S.

A quick reply: primarily two things are at play in that great ease tensions between people. For starters, the Moon rules your feelings and emotions. So whenever the Moon is challenged, depending where it hits your chart -- you'll have an emotional reaction about this.

Secondly, by definition, every Full Moon is the opposition of the Sun and the Moon right up there in the sky. This means that whatever the Sun is highlighting will be in direct conflict with whatever the Moon is highlighting. It's as if you're pulled in two directions. Example: having mucho domestic responsibilities on the same day that your job is super important. It's like too much going on in two different camps -- and you're hung out to dry in the middle!

And of course, the classic example is tension between partners. This tension can start several days before the Full Moon and even linger for a bit afterward. The only consoling or encouraging is this Full Moon fever is temporary. Couples can be in a raging fight yelling about divorce, and a week later they're coochy-coo shopping for a new plasma TV.

You get the picture.

All best,