Hello Georgia;

Why is it that sometimes my life is SO completely different than my horoscope suggests it should be? It seems that there have been many times when things are supposed to be going very well, but in reality, they suck.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time.


Dear R.

I understand what you mean. I have noticed that some "bad" days are not so bad - and some "good" days are not so great! Naturally, it could mean that I am doing a poor job of interpreting the stars. But I think there is another consideration.

Our attitude about life in general, and any day in particular, is a huge influence on how we experience what's happening around us.

In fact, our attitude and our experience of life are inseparable. Our attitude colours how we see and feel our surroundings and also how we relate to others. Sometimes our attitude is affected by expectations, or feeling burdened or blessed by something.

For example, imagine a huge rainstorm. The bride who wanted an outdoor wedding is weeping with disappointment, while at the same time the farmer who was desperate for rain for his crops is crying with joy. Same incident - opposite reactions.

When you're in the fresh bloom of being in love - you might discover someone has dented your car - yet you shrug it off as "these things happen." But if you're unhappy because you were rejected, or you lost your job, or any other reason that's a bummer - then a much smaller setback will seem like the last straw and be overwhelming.

We don't really see things as they are - we see things as we are.

This is why some people in very comfortable situations are unhappy, while conversely, others in situations of meager means are happy.

Attitude is everything.

I think one of the quickest ways to promote a positive attitude is appreciation.

We take so much for granted - until we lose it. Especially our health. Daily appreciation is a wonderful 'exercise' to promote happiness.

I'm not sure this answers your question - but it is something to think about.

All good things -