I am a Libra and I have a bone to pick with you. I don't like your tone when referring to Libras. I don't know why you think that we are always pleasing people and why you think that Libras as flip floppers because... I am the most successful person I know, I go after what I want, I don't please anyone but myself. I am better at business than any other sign that you write about and I have more confidence. I take from this that people are different no matter what sign they are and I see myself as an individual who have confidence and success in my life. I don't spend on designer stuff as you accuse us of doing. I have a nice home and wear nice clothes but believe me I shop for bargains and put the savings in my very very large bank balance. All my mortgages are paid and all my bills are paid up to date. I have no debt. Let me know what sort of Libra you think I am, please, and maybe you will write about the Libra who is a fighter once in a while.


Dear M.S.

Forgive me if I am cavalier when discussing Libra. I am Libra Rising which means I am more Libran than a person who "is" a Libra. (Just as Leo Rising is more Leo than a "Leo". The Rising Sign is always the strongest expression of that sign, especially in terms of personality and appearance.) Because Libra is so close to home for me - I might get more tongue in cheek.

I have made references to the fact that Libra rules law and that all great lawyers have Libra in them. It's also why many of them are such great dressers. But great lawyers are definitely great debaters and skilled fighters! (Pierre Trudeau was a double Libra and in many ways the quintessential Libran. He had his Sun in Libra and as well as his Rising Sign. He had a degree in law, and a Master's in Political Economics from Harvard; he also studied at the London School of Economics. He was always particular about his dress and liked to wear a rose in his lapel.)

It so happens that in astrology, Libra rules high-fashion and haute couture. I don't buy high-fashion or haute couture but I do give lots of thought to my clothes. Just because Libra rules haute couture does not mean that all Librans shop that way. Who can afford to?

What is really at issue here is your assumption that you are just one sign and that I am addressing you as if you were just one sign. We are all far more complex than that. So when you describe qualities of yourself, these qualities might not at all be attributed to your Libra Sun.

You have your Moon in a sign and your Mercury in a sign and Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in different signs. And on top of that, your Rising Sign is your personality and how you look -- it's your packaging.

This is the great limitation of a horoscope column. When I was first approached by a newspaper to write a daily horoscope, I refused. However, now I'm glad that I do because for most people, their only interface or introduction to astrology (as mine was as a child) is a horoscope column in a newspaper.

So when I describe any sign in my columns, I am really describing it as an archetype. It could never describe a complete individual.

Of course Librans can fight for what they want! Here are a list of some fellow Librans: Mickey Rooney, Chief Justice John Marshall, Will Smith, Michael Douglas, Christopher Reeve, Brigitte Bardot, Admiral Lord Nelson, Lech Walesa, Gore Vidal, Thomas Wolfe, Charton Heston, Susan Sarandon, Vaclav Havel, Michael Andretti, Thor Heyerdahl, Jesse Jackson, Juan Peron, John Lennon, Lenny Bruce, and US President General Dwight Eisenhower, David Ben-Gurion, Evel Knievel, Jimmy Breslin and George C. Scott.

Shall we go back to our respective corners now?

All best,