I don't like that you tell people the wrong things. Horescopes don't tell anything at all! It is scientificly proven that horescopes are untrue. I am 13 years old, and even I know that.


Dear V.

Please don't be angry about horoscopes. In fact, don't be angry about anything. It doesn't feel good to be angry and when you are angry other people can feel it too, then everyone is miserable.

If you don't like horoscopes then just don't read them.

You are right. It is true that many scientists say that astrology is foolish bunk. In fact, once a bunch of American scientists all signed a petition about this.

But it is also true that many scientists and mathematicians, and medical doctors believe in astrology and have written books about it.

Kepler was such a great astrologer that they named the first college in North American where you can get a degree in astrology after him (Kepler College).

Isaac Newton (Newtonian physics) was another great astrologer.

One time Isaac Newton was talking to Edmond Halley (Halley's Comet) and Halley denounced astrology, Newton looked at him and replied, "Sir, I have studied the subject; you have not."

I think you will find that everyone who does not believe in astrology has not studied it.

Before you decide what to believe in or not believe in, it's a good to know about it.

Thank you for writing to me with your strong opinion.

All good things to you