Hi Georgia,

When is it going to get better for Libras ? The other Libras I know are in the same situation.

I'm a libra times 6 ( sun, moon, mercury, venus, true node & rising) I know, ARGH !!!

This year was supposed to be the BEST year ever for everything. Money, Real Estate, Love etc...*

I've been out of work for 1 year now with no income at all. Am at the end of the line, and no matter how hard I have worked ( and trying to find work at a company so I can have something coming in, at the same time working on my biz which went flat, and networking to get a second biz up and running ) nothing has budged.

What is going on and when will it get better ?

Thank you & Hugs


Dear C.

Librans are half way through a 2-3 year interval where they are dismantling much of what they created since around 1996. It is a time of downsizing, letting go, giving up people, places and possessions and getting rid of what is no longer relevant in their lives.

It is not easy.

But this is actually a time of preparation - of clearing the decks so to speak to get ready for 2010. (Or for some, the end of 2009.)

At that time, you will enter a new sandbox. It will be so new that some of you will change your daily wardrobe for various reasons. (Different job or climate.)

It's a major time of transition....

Hang in there and all the best to you. Your world will change quite a lot in the next few years.