Hi Georgia! I always follow your shopping warning after having a couple of real disasters years ago when I ignored it. Anyhow, I just want to clarify something. If I order and pay for something on a day that it's OK to shop, but it arrives on a day that it's not, is it alright to go and pick it up (take possession of it) on a "bad" day? I guess a similar situation could happen on ebay. If I selected something and bid on it on a good shopping day, but it closed on a bad day and I "won" it, would that be OK? Often the auction is for several days, so when I find something I don't have your warning far enough ahead to figure out if that'll be a safe day.

Thanks Georgia! You're wonderful!


Dear W.

I am going to explain what I know and then you will have to make your own call because I'm not sure how to answer your question. (I have never figured out how to buy anything on ebay - yes, me duh) so I'm not sure how that wud work.

On the so called bad shopping days, what is at play is this: whatever you initiate tends not to fulfill your objective. It is not 100% but it is very high!

So if you buy a pair of shoes, or a house or a business, the result might not at all be what you hope for. These are very spacey air-head times. In fact one of them is occurring right now as I answer your question.

I think picking something up - like at the post office or whatever - is okay. There is no decision about the purchase being made - you are just following through on what you set in motion.

As for ebay, you have to decide how that will apply because I don't understand the process that well. I'm a technofeebe. (I'm thrilled I finally know how to deposit US money into an ATM machine!)

If there is no decision on your part at play during the final stage of the ebay when you "win" - it might be okay. But hey - the universe does have a sense of humour. I cannot be sure.

Good luck!