Hello Ms. Nicols,

The Weekly Pisces write-up for Sunday April 6th says partnerships are favoured, but serious partnerships are a challenge. Wondering what you mean by serious, like marriage, or business partnerships? I know it's a niggley question so if you have a moment if not I still love your columns. Best joe

Dear Joe,

Excellent question!

In the big picture, last year, this year (and even next year) there are serious questions going on in serious partnerships for Pisces. These partnerships can be professional or intimate. Major partnerships are undergoing such a period of readjustment, that some of them are falling apart or ending, necessitating negotiations this year. (As an example.)

However, in a smaller window of time, it's also a very good time to relate to partners and close friends for Pisces. And just as some relationships are ending, new ones are beginning! The classic case would be of the dissolution of a long-term partnership which has been going on, while and new partnership is beginning. (Ah sweet new love!)

You are quite right that this appears confusing. But then, nothing in life is really a straight line, is it?