Below is what I wrote in my weekly column for February 10. Two readers have responded with their own Mercury retrograde woes. It just proves that old maxim -- "I cried because I had no shoes and then I met a man who had no laptop."

All Signs: Some Mercury retrogrades are worse than others. Why? Because each Mercury retrograde is in a different sign at a different degree and these details will impact your chart harshly or not. It all depends on the combo between you and the particular Mercury retrograde. This Mercury retrograde is 180 degrees opposite the Mercury in my chart. So far I've had 2 flat tires, 2 missed hair appointments, and 4 missed ferries. I had to buy 4 new tires, and also (in another city) get work done on the car all of which totaled about $2500. I sent last week's weekly column to my daily newspapers which meant two cities had to go to press without it. I'm on such an intimate relationship with my Internet technical support people, we're planning to get together next Thanksgiving. (Two are flying in from the Philippines.) There's more, but some stuff even I blush to confess. Stick a fork in me Lord -- I'm done!

Here is a note from Cleo:

Not only do I enjoy your humour but take guidance from your interpretations and have for years. I am what I call a Cleo, on the cusp between Cancer and Leo, born July 23, 19xx. .. Around the end of November all hell broke loose which has carried on to present and perhaps is now exacerbated by the Mercury retrograde? My computer crashed irretrievably with all my digital images of artwork for the past 25 yrs.(I am an artist), two root canals were needed but one tooth fell apart during the procedure and an implant is now required and just when they were adding up the stunningly brutal total of dental expenses, my dental plan disappeared forever. Then the roof blew off my studio, my land line phone crashed twice in one week due to two entirely unrelated problems, etc. etc. etc.... you get the picture.


And from Anchorage Alaska

Well, that was the WORST Mercury retrograde on record for me. I cried "Uncle!" many times, but to no avail. At one point, anyone who tried to call me at home had their own voice echoing back to them! I'm typing on my laptop right now because my computer died such a wretched death that even my computer-rebuilding husband has had to take a little break from the home computer, to avoid taking a hammer to it.

That's just two of the top ten.

I wonder if you'll even get this email. . .

I'm hoping the skies will be gentle with us for a while now. We've earned it, haven't we?

(MJ Alaska)