Georgia, both my wife and I are Aquarians. "Knocking out" streetlights and "turning them" on has been a common occurrence for both us, either independently or when we're together. For me it seems to occur more when I'm emotionally charged, especially when either excited or agitated, and it's usually causing streetlights to go out. I'd love to be able to "channel" this, but it really seems to be more coincidental than anything. How is this "gift" explained in the astrological world, and why we Aquarians ?


Dear R.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and it rules electricity. Most Aquarians have irregular patterns of electricity within them - simply because they have unique biorhythms.

Aquarians don't necessarily want to eat when everyone else wants to eat. And they don't want to sleep when everyone else wants to sleep.

However, in our society - and especially growing up as children and attending school - a rigid schedule is imposed on us (breakfast, lunch, and dinner and bedtime and waking up.)

If this schedule does not "fit" with the Aquarius person, the electricity in them starts to back up (or build up) and it comes out on their skin - as rashes or eczema or something like that as a child or as headaches. Even later as adults.

Naturally, they also throw it around them by putting out street lights and nixing small appliances like hair dryers, and even watches - (these items often won't last beyond 6 months or a year.)

Always respect as much as possible your need to sleep and eat when you want.