Hi Georgia! Love your site and have shared it with many.

Ok, so I understand Mercury retrograde fairly well, I think - you've explained it a few times. But does the "don't start anything new" warning apply to projects and hands-on type things only or would one be pitting oneself against fate to start a relationship during this communication-mishap-filled time? Thanks.


Dear M.

Good question. Don't worry about starting a relationship when Mercury is retrograde. However, I would never start a business when Mercury is retrograde because it will just grow too slowly. But relationships are different.

For starters, it's actually more likely that one meets others during a Mercury retrograde because you either knew them casually before, or in fact, (if you believe in past lives) you're making a reconnection with someone now. It's quite logical.

So-called relationships are beginnings, and yet at the same time, they are like a circle closing. This is why some people feel they met before or they have known each other for a long time. ("Didn't you repossess my car in a previous life? Your mustache looks familiar.")

Don't worry about the actual relationship. However, while Mercury is retrograde, you might agree to meet at Starbucks - and you're each at a different location. Agghh! Classic!

Good luck!