Hi Georgia,

Love your horoscopes!! I usually read them in the local paper, but now that I've found your website, I'll be back!

I was reading some of your comments/questions and felt inspired to write to you for advice... so here goes nothing!

My b-day is xxxx . His b-day is xxx. Both PST.

I ADORE him... but we just don't seem to communicate on the same level. We have so much fun together, but we really have to make an effort to communicate or things get ugly! This is, without a doubt, the best relationship for chemistry I've ever had in my life!!! But it's also the worst for communication. Blah! So what do you think? From a "charts" point of view, is it worth all the drama, time & energy?? I'm so torn! Oh yeah, there's one little detail that I haven't mentioned.... can you see it in his chart??? It concerns fidelity/marital status.......

Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you!!


Dear Wondering,

It sounds to me like you are madly in lust. This is always lots of fun but also frustrating once you start to expect more from the relationship. If you are hoping it could develop into something long term, you are going to have to have some basis for communicating - no? And btw - I did not look at your charts because what I have to say is just my opinion and your charts won't change things. You already know how they are.

I get the impression you feel he cannot be trusted to be true to you. So - you don't communicate, and you can't trust him? Hmmmm - what's wrong with this picture?

Actually, I have been here. I know whereof you speak. I kept enjoying myself, and then going through private anguish because I wanted the relationship to be more than it could be - until one day I finally pulled the plug.

Just know what you are doing and don't kid yourself that it is anything other than what it is. Sure one candle is better than the darkness....... but living by candlelight can be hard on the eyes. After a while, you no longer see what other possibilities are really out there waiting for you. Bright lights! Power! Good communication - trust - the works!

You have to believe in yourself and your own attractiveness and desirability and ability to attract someone who offers you more.

Good luck!