Dear Georgia,

I'm pretty much loyal to your website (I like the website) in terms of horoscope reading, and usually I read the all clear to important decisions can be made or not made, and I have one question.

If I made a decision that I wanted to buy something a time before the day I actual would buy that thing, Can I buy on that day where it says to avoid making the decision or doing the actual purchase?

For example I made the decision I wanted to buy an Xbox a long time ago and today there is a caution until 5:30 pm pacific. Perhaps you can explain the concept of this.

Thank You.


This is a good question. And I have often wondered about this myself. (When I really want to buy something.)

To be sure, I think the Moon Alert applies more to spontaneous decisions as opposed to something you have carefully thought out.

However, every moment of every day has a chart. There is a chart for my reply to you right now for example. Therefore, when you buy that X-Box, it has a chart. And with that "Moon" is might be more unreliable than you want. Or for some reason, it does not serve your purpose.

To be on the safe side, even if I "know" I am going to buy something - except for food -- I buy nothing during those Moon Alert times.. They are too hairy!!

However, having said that. It might not be 100% - you might have a 15% chance of getting away with it.

That's all I can say. :)