Hello, I love your horoscope column, just so amazing at times. My Sunday does not feel complete unless i read the week ahead. I read up on astrology quite a bit... My Birthday is June 21, 1982 most books say Gemini and others say Cancer. Your column says cancer and i was wondering what makes you think this way and what makes other books think the other way? I realize that your birth time plays a big role, does this make me a balanced blend between both signs???

Thanks J

Dear J.

Every year the Sun changes slightly, and the day it enters a sign can differ by a day or even two days, depending on the year. The times that are listed in horoscope columns are AVERAGE times..... one has to check the exact year.

In your case - 1982 - the Sun entered Gemini on June 21, 1982 at 10:15 a.m. PDT. (You will have to translate that figure to the Time Zone where you were born.)

Now you know.....