I watch several astrology sites. They all say something different for a particular day. Which begs the question - is there one basic theory behind astrology? If so, why are there so many different interpretations of "the stars"?


Dear R.,

It's true. Daily columns can differ for several reasons: quite often, on one day, several planetary aspects are taking place. There's only so much room in a daily column to make comments - so different astrologers might choose different things on which to focus.

There's also another reason: different astrologers make different interpretations according to who they are as people and even to whatever might be happening in their lives. The notion that what we see depends on who we are very much applies to any discipline where interpretation is involved.

Astrology is based on mathematics, cycles, symbols, glyphs and relationships. Different astrologers see different relationships. This is why different readers become comfortable with certain astrologers and their columns. I'm grateful that millions are comfortable with me! (Kiss, kiss - hug, hug.)