Hi Georgia

I do so enjoy your weekly horoscopes, a couple of questions, do you do any talk shows in Toronto, if so when? I wrote to you before and was asking you about the sign Scorpio and your advice was right on the nose, thank you for taking the time and answering my question, I guess sometimes you do need to take a step back and really look at the whole scheme of things. My husband is a Cancer and I can honestly say for the past ten years, his career had hit an all time low, and then out of the blue he got a really decent job that he enjoys, but in the last 2 months he has a co-worker (I don't know her sign) has made his life miserable at every corner of the spectrum, I call her the master manipulator, long story short, she always goes over his head, and gets what she wants will this crap stop or is he in for it, he honestly thinks she's trying to get him fired. Even just a little insight will help, he was born July x 19xx, in the am.

Thanks again

Hi and thanks for your kind words. A very unusual thing is happening with Cancer right now. Fiery Mars is in Cancer. Normally Mars stays in a sign about six or seven weeks -- but Mars is going to stay in Cancer this time for about six months! (Although it does slip back into Gemini.)

This is good and bad. The good news is that it makes one energetic, decisive, assertive and ready to work. Yeehaw!

The bad news is it also makes one rather combative and bossy. Is it possible that this woman want your husband to back down because she feels he's coming on too strong?

I know this is going to sound crazy, but one of the best ways to deal with an enemy is to feel sympathy for them (for being such a jerk) - after all -- they have to live inside their skin all day long 24/7. Yuk!

Once you feel this sympathy for your enemy -- even to the point where you wish them well -- it's surprising how it takes away their power or their ability to ruin your day. Just try it.

Hmmm... I just had a look at where Mars is actually hitting his chart -- and it is in a rather tough place. It means he's very inclined to take the criticisms of others or their comments and feel their words confirm his own worst fears about himself. It also encourages him to be his own worst enemy. He might easily default into past anti-productive behavior patterns. (Never suck your thumb when you're on the job.)

But it also means that he has to deal with secret enemies. I think this woman might be working against him for his downfall as it were.

But - a ray of hope: This "evil" working against him will be gone by early next year. Hang in there!

Just remember what Confucius says: he who flings dirt only loses ground.

Best wishes - I hope something works out for him. I truly do.