hello can you tell me if a Taurus and Aquarius be together. I am a taurus and I am trying my hardest to be the one for her. if u gotta a tips on how or something like that can u msg me back plz ty. I am just not feeling right not knowing if i could last i want to tho =) ty for ur time.

Hi -

Traditionally, some books would say that it is difficult for Taurus and Aquarius to be together because you are both Fixed Signs and square to each other.

However, all these little books are very simplistic. Our charts are far more complicated than that!

For example, as a Taurus, you might have your Moon in Aquarius - which means that you can be great friends with Aquarius people!

Or you might be Aquarius rising.

Or your Aquarius friend might have Moon in Taurus?

Therefore, I really cannot answer this question. But if you really like somebody I believe you should give it all you've got! You have nothing to lose by trying, and then later -- even if it doesn't work out -- you can't beat yourself up for not trying. You can say "I did everything I could."

Good luck!!